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Color Concept For Medical Practices

Color Concept For Medical Practices
Color Concept For Medical Practices

Video: Color Concept For Medical Practices

Video: Color Concept For Medical Practices
Video: Medical Terminology - The Basics, Lesson 1.1 - Colors 2023, November

"Caparol" is a partner of the "Health Foundation" and a longstanding expert for visual accessibility.

Doctors' offices used to be a nightmare. They had sterile white walls, uncomfortable chairs, and a strong smell of disinfectant. No wonder that the patients didn't want to stay there longer than necessary. It is now known how important a pleasant environment is for well-being - especially for people who are in pain or fear of treatment. That is why the room and color design is given much more importance today. Colors create atmosphere, support a relaxed climate and even help with spatial orientation. Older and visually impaired people in particular can benefit from this. Because if the world is only perceived as "in the fog", then strong, "visible" contrasts are a great help. You give visual accessibility.

What is it and which rules have to be observed? Under the motto "Knowledge is the best medicine", the Health Foundation (headquarters: Hamburg) has set itself the task of offering practical guidance in the health sector. Experts pass on their knowledge to doctors, clinic directors, architects and craftsmen on an online platform. The new practical tool "Barrier-free extensions and conversions" was developed together with the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The company Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz GmbH from Ober-Ramstadt also makes its contribution. It is the only paint manufacturer to be a member of this non-profit and independent foundation (www.stiftung-gesundheit.de), founded in 1996.

Every year, around 20,000 new doctor's offices are set up, converted or modernized in the Federal Republic. The doctors themselves do not have time to deal with complex design aspects and the legally required accessibility. The painting company, supported by the Caparol Color Design Studio, can give you crucial tips. Transitions between floor and wall, wall projections and supports should be clearly distinguishable. Using the lightness values in the color block of the Caparol 3D system, a rule of thumb can be used to define the barrier-free minimum contrast between two color shades.

The first impression of the practice is crucial for the patient, because it allows conclusions to be drawn about the personality, care and taste of the doctor. Even a basic color tone with a few accent tones can contribute to upgrading the rooms. Consultation room, waiting and functional areas should differ in color. Quiet tones are suitable for the consulting room, but the reception and waiting area can be more colorful.

Colors create a distinctive ambience. The doctor can even use it to express his attitude and his medical focus. If he wants to emphasize his down-to-earthness, he can convey this with earthy natural tones. If the doctor wants to make it clear that he has the latest medical know-how, he is more likely to opt for trendy color combinations. In a radiation therapy practice, the entire reception area was deliberately dipped in a "bright" yellow to surprise the patient with the strong color and to distract them from their illness for a moment.

For the mostly heavily frequented practice rooms, Caparol recommends its products PremiumClean and PremiumColor interior paint. They are odorless, emission-free and solvent-free and largely insensitive to dirt ("writing effect"). Light streaks caused by mechanical stress can be removed with a damp cloth.

A well-planned, individual color concept has a positive long-term effect. With this investment, the doctor proves to his patients and his staff that he appreciates them. A good reason to stay - and to come back.

In a radiation therapy practice, the entire reception area was deliberately bathed in a "bright" yellow.

The reception area is presented in a fresh, friendly color. The wall surfaces are designed with matt deco glaze on fleece.

Source: www.caparol.de

Photos: Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz