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Lectures With A Silver Accent

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Lectures With A Silver Accent
Lectures With A Silver Accent

Video: Lectures With A Silver Accent

Video: Lectures With A Silver Accent
Video: Beowulf Lecture 1 2023, November

Caparol's in-house conference rooms impress with their unusual design wall covering.

The large room looks like a university lecture hall, only much more elegant. Anyone listening to a lecture is sitting on light maple wood seats and looking at three-dimensional walls that shimmer silver-gray and thus harmonize perfectly with the anthracite-colored carpet. Conference rooms designed in this way have a particularly high quality appearance. But the internal lecture hall of an industrial company in Hunsrück should make something special. The suggestion from Caparol sales consultant Herbert Weiskopf to use the high-quality design wall covering Capaver ElementEffects was therefore immediately taken up.

From the ten individual designs in which the ElementEffects glass fabric is available, the "Interval" variant with its not quite straight lines was chosen - "interesting and pleasing to the eye", as Caparol product manager Natascha Glenz explains.

Resilience and design concept combined

Thanks to its quartz coating, the glass fabric is far more tear-resistant and stable than conventional glass fabrics. The naturally hard and abrasion-resistant quartz coating protects the surface structure very well against mechanical damage. The interplay of quartz and fine glass fabric simultaneously creates an interesting matt-gloss effect and the design options are diverse. - It is not for nothing that ElementEffects was awarded the "Iconic Award" design award.

This makes the modern wall covering particularly suitable for busy rooms such as hotels, bars or health care facilities that are subject to heavy wear and should be visually appealing. "It is the first time that our new type of glass fabric has been used in a training room, but it also lends itself to this because mechanical resilience and design can also be combined here," says Natascha Glenz, Product Manager Decorative Interior Wall Technologies at Caparol.

By varying the design, type, color, degree of gloss and technology of the coating, individual wall surfaces can be created with the ElementEffects glass fabrics. For the lecture hall, those responsible selected the “Interval” variant from the ten different designs, which draws their charm from the not quite straight lines: the stripes look like a hand drawing, which was particularly pleasing, and they match the linear rows of chairs.

Lots of people come and go in lecture halls, the wall design must be correspondingly robust. In addition to the mechanical resilience due to its quartz coating, the glass fabric Capaver ElementEffects offers a variety of design options - for example a coating with a silver metal effect.

CapaSilber effect coating also a benefit for large areas

For the painter, the design was quite a challenge - after all, he was dealing with walls up to seven meters high in the large auditorium. Working with a scaffold was out of the question because CapaSilber had to be rolled through in one go. The master painter and his team had to use the telescopic pole to apply the acrylic emulsion paint on a wall area of almost 400 square meters. "The real estate situation was very special and tricky," admits Caparol sales consultant Eric Hermes, who looked after the construction site together with Herbert Weiskopf. "With enough painter's man power and our support, we were finally able to achieve a great result."

Grand effect in the area: The streak-free application of the CapaSilber effect coating was not easy in the very large auditorium with its high, long walls, but the result is all the more impressive for that.

Construction board

Products used:

Capaver® Element Effects, design “Interval”

Capadecor® EffektGrund

Capadecor® CapaSilber

Photos: Stephan Zanders, zandersdesign

Source: Caparol