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Color Design In The Care Center

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Color Design In The Care Center
Color Design In The Care Center

Video: Color Design In The Care Center

Video: Color Design In The Care Center
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The new construction of the care center appears remarkable. It is pleasantly inviting, but at the same time unusual.

In May 2014 the inauguration ceremony of the nursing center of Nurona GmbH took place in Hofbieber. The design concept was highly praised. Both the facade and the interior are impressive. The color concept of the Caparol color design studio also contributed to the good result.

The colors of the facade refer to the surroundings. The selected tones are warm, discreetly reserved and appear natural. The color differentiation of the two wings of the building is interesting: the main structure of one wing is reed green, the other ocher yellow. Only the ground floor zone and the parapet of the roof level each have the same, connecting color. Because the ground floor is set back, a light cream tone has been used to counteract the shading. This tone was also transferred to the row of supports in front of it. The overall bright base gives the building lightness. It gives the impression that the two wings of the building are floating. The "wings" seem to want to take off - in the truest sense of the word. As a counterpoint, the attic is bordered throughout with a darker balustrade in terracotta red. The balustrade red connects the entire building complex like the famous red thread.

The middle building in light cream white forms a break - it separates the two different wings from each other in color. The bright, almost neutral facade tone makes the entrance area stand out even more. In striking orange, the entrance slides out of the building like a slightly rotated monitor. Additionally illuminated by green light, the message becomes clear: here it goes!


Inside, the first impression is surprising, because you don't have the feeling of having arrived in a care facility for the elderly. Strong colors, modern furniture and art objects characterize the foyer. The niche of the reception area is emphasized by bright red painted wall surfaces.

Day care and the administrative wing are located on the ground floor. Both areas are directly accessible from the foyer. From here, a spacious staircase leads to the upper floors. In the 1st and 2nd The living areas are on the upper floor. Two living groups with 15 people each share one level. A lot of value was placed on the design of these areas.

For this reason, the Caparol color design studio was included in the color concept for the interior. The interior design of nursing facilities is a focus of the department. This is vividly demonstrated by the design tool “Living Spaces”, which consists of subjects and a brochure, which was specially developed for older people. Kerstin Pokrzewinski from Nurona was immediately inspired by the subject “living spaces”. The fan served as the basis for the color and material selection. During the first conversation with qualified designer Martina Lehmann from Caparol ColorDesignStudio, rough color directions were already established. So should the mood of the color world "sea breeze" in day care on the ground floor, the "spring meadow" in 1. Reflect the upper floor and the “summer resort” on the second floor. Based on these ideas and taking into account already defined materials and furnishing elements, a comprehensive color concept was developed.

Individual color atmosphere

The Hütter company implemented the concept 1: 1. Each living group is now characterized by its own individual color atmosphere. The residential group "Bieberstein" with the color spectrum "spring meadow" was given a raspberry red as a distinctive orientation tone in the access area. A corresponding rose tone then leads through the hallway to the central stay with the kitchen. Around this core area, the residents' rooms are grouped together on short passages, which are complemented here in light green. The supports in the lounge area and also the adjoining walls were given an almost white, sandy basic shade to keep this area as bright as possible. The upholstery fabrics in reddish, beige and green shades harmoniously round off the color tone. A gray-look vinyl floor creates comfort and harmonises well with other wood tones - it blends in perfectly.

The basic design principle is similar in all living groups. In addition to the raspberry red, may green, petrol and yellow have been selected as striking colors for the respective living groups. These tones provide orientation and at the same time enliven the stairwell, because they provide interesting points of view. There are no boring tone-on-tone moods. Instead, natural color atmospheres characterize the house. Different colors with different levels of brightness and saturation ensure a balanced, multi-layered relationship.

With great attention to detail

Three different color combinations have been used in the residents' rooms. The main color is always a light sand tone that has been combined with an accent tone in yellow, gray blue and green. The fabrics for curtains and seating are related to the accent color and, despite the uniform furnishings, ensure different color moods.

Additional special design features that round off the sophisticated color concept give the care center a special charm.

Color design for senior citizens The orange entrance pushes itself out of the building like a monitor. Color design for senior citizens The reception area with its red painted walls is unmistakable and forms a pleasant background for the counter. Color design for senior citizens A fresh green accent enlivens this resident's room. In the bed niche, the color-contrasting wall creates a feeling of security. Color design for seniors From the lounge area, there are beautiful perspectives in colored passageways. The wall lights let the colors shine. Color design for seniors Cozy armchairs invite you to linger in the hallways. The sea breeze color world served as a source of inspiration. The picture with the dune landscape fits perfectly here. Source: Malerblatt 08/2015