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Suede Look Walls

Suede Look Walls
Suede Look Walls

Video: Suede Look Walls

Video: Suede Look Walls
Video: How to Apply Faux Suede Paint 2023, December

Set visually inimitable highlights and impress haptically: Capadecor Stucco Satinato makes it possible.

The spatula technique with its matt naturalness can be used in many ways and gives wall surfaces a characteristic velvety drawing. The latest creation is the "suede version". The noble and haptically pleasant surface in suede look attracts attention and gives rooms an extravagant atmosphere.

Natascha Glenz, Product Manager Decorative Interior Wall Techniques at Caparol, explains: “Wall surfaces are particularly interesting if they not only set visual accents, but also delight when touched. Capadecor Stucco Satinato in a special processing technique creates a velvety-soft surface with a suede look. It looks very classy and is also a haptic experience due to the velvety surface. The almost limitless range of colors from finely nuanced to powerfully intense also opens up a wide range of design options.”Another plus is the efficient and convenient processing of the filler.

Easy processing

In order to carry out the creative technique "suede", the surface finely leveled with chord spatula and primed with CapaSol LF must correspond to quality level Q4. The Stucco Satinato filler, which has been thoroughly stirred up beforehand, is placed on the spring blade spatula in short lengths and rubbed in with the ArteTwin trowel in circular movements. After the surface has completely dried, the process is repeated. This special processing of the material creates an impressive depth effect with an absolutely authentic character.

For large areas, it is advisable to apply the material in pairs so that the surface of the spatula technique remains open longer. It makes sense to work in narrow diagonal paths. This prevents the risk of straight lugs on the surface. The surfaces created with Stucco Satinato can also be protected with DecoLasur Matt or Disbopur 458 PU-AquaSiegel. With Stucco Satinato, every specialist company has the opportunity to live out its craftsmanship creatively.

The entire brochure "Capadecor smoothing and filling techniques" presents all Capadecor smoothing and filling techniques including the innovations Calcino Romantico and Stucco Satinato and gives work tips, 16 pages, A4 format. Available from [email protected], order no. 895085

Photos: Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz