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Colorful Underground Car Park

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Colorful Underground Car Park
Colorful Underground Car Park

Video: Colorful Underground Car Park

Video: Colorful Underground Car Park
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In the Familotel Feldberger Hof, your vacation begins with parking. The underground car park has been completely renovated.

Finally vacation, finally vacation! Get out of the workshop, school and office. In the Familotel Feldberger Hof, the break from the everyday begins with parking. A colorful stripe pattern on the walls of the hotel garage immediately lifts the mood - no matter how long and exhausting the trip was. The concept by Caparol color designer Petra Ruhnau ensures an unusually happy reception.

Instead of accepting the typical “gray-in-gray” of many functional buildings, any renovation and repair work is advisable in order to set color accents with a well thought-out design concept. With a bit of courage and professional knowledge of colors, previously dreary floor, wall and ceiling surfaces can be designed so that they offer a harmonious and varied ambience. This has been particularly successful in the Familotel Feldberger Hof in the Black Forest. The owner wanted to create a parking experience for families that fits the character of this extraordinary hotel complex.

The Familotel Feldberger Hof welcomes drivers with an invigorating wall design into the underground car park.

Dynamic stripes

"Soft, light color nuances alternate rhythmically with luminous tones in vertical stripes - the stripe look gets additional dynamics through the different width of the colored areas," says graduate designer Petra Ruhnau from the Caparol Color Design Studio in Ober-Ramstadt, describing her design. While the ceiling was coated with the universal color Amphibolin white on a total area of 4,000 square meters, significantly more color gradations were provided for the concrete walls: A total of 1,500 square meters of wall and ceiling area were coated in 24 different colors from the 3-D color fan from Caparol.

Out of three designs that the Caparol Color Design Studio had worked out for the hotel garage in Feldberger Hof, the client decided on the one with the vertical stripes. We especially liked that the vertical alignment of the pattern made the parking decks look higher; an impression that the white ceiling paint additionally reinforces. The stripe pattern was used on the parking levels, while the stairwells are kept in a continuous color,”site manager Ingo Görsmeier describes the invigorating ambience that drivers receive in the Feldberger Hof.

In addition to the vertical stripes, the pure white ceiling also ensures that the parking levels visually gain height.

Skilled in all trades

The Feldberger Hof is Ingo Görsmeier's best-known reference property. With his construction planning business, the trained carpenter has specialized in the renovation, renovation and design of hotels. He was able to complete the paint application on the garage walls with a small team of craftsmen on all three parking levels within just four weeks. One level was blocked for a little more than a week to keep the remaining parking spaces free for hotel guests.

Characteristic color worlds

The three parking levels in the Feldberger Hof each have their own entrances and exits. “They differ optically in that each level is assigned its own main color. This recognition color - blue or green or red - is used on the respective supports, end walls and stairwells in different shades. The interplay of light shades of blue, which can be found on every level, creates three very different atmospheres,”explains Petra Ruhnau.

The parking deck C shows itself in a maritime color mood with turquoise-blue to petrol-colored nuances. Identification: The columns are in the strongly saturated main color of the respective parking deck.

A real color experience

On level B, green tones dominate the picture from yellow-green to peppermint pastel to rich fir green, while at the top of deck C there is a maritime color mood with turquoise-blue to petrol-colored nuances. In order to make it easier for hotel guests to find their way, the hotelier wanted the front wall to adopt the color of the stairwells on all three parking levels, which Ingo Görsmeier implemented just as precisely as the application of the stripes: We managed to delimit the colored areas so precisely by: we threw a laser beam vertically on the wall. We were able to orientate ourselves wonderfully on him when masking the surfaces with a special tape that fits as tightly as possible even in the smallest of depressions on the concrete surface,”he reports. He doesn't reveal what the tape is called; just,that it is an extremely useful recommendation from master painter Bernd Hafner and is accordingly available from Farben Klotz in Freiburg, where Görsmeier covers all of his needs for paints, varnishes and building protection products.

For better orientation, end walls and stairwells are painted in one color.

The good feeling of security can be created in new and older multi-storey and underground car parks by a different color scheme of the individual parking levels. There is always a need for action. The overwhelming monotony of seemingly endless concrete-gray walls has to be transformed: If planners and architects take care to create a feel-good atmosphere in car parks and underground garages with selected colors, park guests and clients are best served. Every driver wants to feel safe and well looked after from the entrance to the exit. That should be the goal of contemporary coloring concepts for hotel garages.

The uninspiring atmosphere in light yellow, white and gray was present on all three levels before the renovation.

“Even ambitious design work can be carried out both expediently and beautifully with professional building protection products. Every hotelier, every housing company, every car park operator will be interested in it,”emphasizes color designer Petra Ruhnau, who is committed to the professional color design of living spaces with refreshing inventiveness. In the Caparol color design studio, object-specific color concepts are not only developed for car parks and hotel garages.

Achim Zielke MA Source: Malerblatt 01/2016