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Color Design - Practice Rooms To Feel Good

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Color Design - Practice Rooms To Feel Good
Color Design - Practice Rooms To Feel Good

Video: Color Design - Practice Rooms To Feel Good

Video: Color Design - Practice Rooms To Feel Good
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Colors have a major impact on patient well-being and customer acquisition. The owners of a medical practice near Frankfurt designed the practice rooms in fresh, natural shades of green and blue. The practice team and patients are equally enthusiastic.

In the past, doctors seldom thought about whether their patients felt comfortable in the practice rooms. White walls are intended to give the impression of clinical hygiene, but are also cold and repellent. If you are afraid of the treatment, you will notice it more in unadorned function rooms. It has long been guaranteed that a pleasant atmosphere contributes to relaxation and has a positive effect on body and soul. As the following example shows, a doctor can even win new patients with the help of a sophisticated color concept.

The dark floor provides sure-footedness and runs uniformly through all rooms - this creates generosity.

Professional advice

As general practitioner Dr. Tobias Siebeneicher expanded his group practice in Frankfurt-Griesheim to a total of 240 square meters, he took over the construction management himself, but received professional advice on the choice of colors. The ground floor, where he had previously practiced with his two colleagues, was to be connected to the first floor by a new wooden spiral staircase. The first floor was completely renovated. To make room for the stairs, walls had to be torn down and a ceiling removed.

Three different shades of green collide in the reception area

Friendly and authentic

How can two floors in a tenement house be connected so that a uniform visual signature can be recognized? That was the exciting question that Martina Lehmann from Caparol Color Design Studio had to ask herself. The contact between the doctor and the designer came about via a reference example on the homepage of the paint manufacturer. The doctor's office is located in a suburb of Frankfurt, near the Höchst industrial park, Frankfurt airport and at the gates of the Taunus. The proximity to the Hessian low mountain range was taken into account in the color concept. As soon as they enter, patients should notice that they are dealing with a down-to-earth as well as conscientious doctor. Dr. Siebeneicher wanted a room atmosphere that calms and subliminally conveyswhat he attaches great importance to as a doctor and family man: friendliness, empathy, authenticity. He didn't have much courage to color. Martina Lehmann was challenged here. You just had to adhere to one requirement: the floor should be dark brown.

This waiting zone on the ground floor reflects the motto "fresh, young, natural"

The graduate designer offered two color concepts to choose from, which harmonize well with the wood look of the floor. Siebeneicher opted for a design variant based on a sample area, in which fresh green-blue shades characterize the ambience. A very light green tone dominates as the main wall color the largest part of the wall surfaces to be coated. Lehmann combined different accent tones to the soft green base color. The fresh may green is striking, which emphasizes the front of the new staircase. Delicate teal is used in the hallways, which are also used as waiting areas. In the consulting rooms there is a wall in discreet yellow green or warm gray brown. The petrol-colored supports in the reception area with the counter front in pastel green round off the color palette.

The fresh, rich green (3D pine 105) on the front of the new staircase in the practice of Dr. Tobias Siebeneicher

Spring fresh rooms

The concept is reminiscent of a spring forest in different stages of development. This results in the beneficial character, which also led to the designation "fresh, young, natural". Deliberately placed accents help to orient visitors. The patient detects the room situation as soon as he enters. It runs towards the bright, wide registration counter, which is illuminated from behind by daylight. Sales consultant master painter and painter Philipp Burger recommended the odorless interior paint Indeko-plus, which is suitable for sensitive living and working areas. The PremiumClean paint was used in areas that are subject to greater mechanical stress and need to be cleaned more often. Chord fleece Z130 K was wallpapered on all walls. The feedback from the patients is positive:"Eight out of ten respond to the colors and say that the renovation has been successful," says Siebeneicher. The doctor attributes the fact that he now has an increase of around 100 patients in the quarter to the redesign of his practice. The doctor added Martina Lehmann's color concept with pictures in silver frames. The delicate landscape watercolors of his colleague, predecessor and current hobby painter Dr. Michele Bocchi is made for fresh rooms. Predecessor and current hobby painter Dr. Michele Bocchi is made for fresh rooms. Predecessor and current hobby painter Dr. Michele Bocchi is made for fresh rooms.

The accent wall in "3D Jade 110" in the consulting room of Frankfurt's general practitioner Dr. Tobias Siebeneicher

Construction board

Object: Practice Dr. med. Siebeneicher

Fabricator: master painter Ronny Puschbeck

Color concept: Caparol FarbDesignStudio, Dipl. Des. Martina Lehmann Products: AkkordVlies Z130 K, PremiumClean, Indeko-plus, Malerit colors: 3D Jade 90 (main wall tone), 3D Pine 105, 3D Patina 20, 3D Jade 110, 3D Melissa 5 (accent walls), 3D Verona 95 (support)

Petra Neumann-Prystaj

Malerblatt 12/2016

Photos: Caparol