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Sustainable. Inspiring

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Sustainable. Inspiring
Sustainable. Inspiring

Video: Sustainable. Inspiring

Video: Sustainable. Inspiring
Video: Technology, the language of sustainable fashion | Laurenti Arnault | TEDxOxfordBrookesUniversity 2023, November

Creative coatings - Trendy sustainable system solutions - More services from a single source

Sustainable. inspiring.”With this motto, Caparol, alsecco, DISBON and Lithodecor present innovative coating systems for facades, walls, ceilings and floors at BAU 2017. What is possible according to the latest state of the art, which product innovations open new perspectives in terms of sustainability and which trends in the design of facades and rooms are in the air, these questions are the focus of the joint presentation of the four DAW brands at the international industry get-together in Hall A6 at booth 421.

The motto of the joint trade fair appearance at BAU 2017 is indeed the program. "With our range of services and numerous product innovations, we want to make a decisive contribution to the design of sustainable and stable buildings," emphasizes exhibition project manager Tobias Becker. At the same time, the aim is to focus on the design potential of modern coating systems for the areas of facades, walls, ceilings and floors, to inspire new solutions and to actively support construction professionals in their implementation.

Last but not least, this is also the central DAW property management. The team provides project partners with a contact person in all phases and for all tasks when realizing a project. “From the first idea to the successful completion of the project, you get all services from a single source, benefit from the cross-trade know-how of our four brands and can realize your design ideas in high quality. A real added value, which we will present at the fair as a PLUS concept,”said Maic Auschrat, head of DAW property management. The PLUS concept is also reflected in a high-quality brochure with numerous top references, which is available at the exhibition stand.

The DAW brands Caparol, alsecco, DISBON and Lithodecor will present themselves at a joint booth at BAU 2017 in Munich

Stand concept "Rough and recycled" will be continued

The appearance of the exhibition stand is based on the successful “Rough and recycled concept” from 2015. The aim was to use existing and reusable materials for the temporary exhibition architecture as far as possible. The 250 square meter stand on two levels is presented in a matter-of-fact manner and reduced to the essential. What is new is the large-scale, more outward-facing positioning of exhibits on eight striking five-meter-high columns made of Euro pallets.

The focus of the exhibits is on inspiration, sustainability and innovation. "It can be seen that facade and interior products no longer only have to meet high design and technical requirements, but that their material authenticity and sustainable use of resources also play an increasingly important role," said Auschrat.

Facade insulation with hemp

The Capatect Natur + facade insulation system with hemp fiber insulation board, which will be presented at the exhibition stand, has recently caused a sensation in the market. The system sets new standards in terms of environmental compatibility and sustainability. The insulation board consists of completely recyclable hemp fibers and offers very good sound insulation. The good insulating properties of the material and the impressive ecological balance are also remarkable. Hemp stores more carbon dioxide than is released into the atmosphere for cultivation, harvesting, processing and transportation. The new CapaGeo product line will also be presented. The binders of the lacquers, glazes and interior dispersions are generated 100 percent from renewable raw materials. In terms of facade protection, Caparol presents the latest state of the art with NQG³. We have consistently developed the nano-quartz grid technology (NQG). Intelligent moisture management enables the facade to dry even faster,”explains Wolfgang Hoffmann, head of product management. NQG³ ensures that facades stay clean longer, that algae and fungi have little chance and that long-term color stability is guaranteed.

Color trends 2017

The new Caparol color trends for interiors 2017, which will be presented for the first time at BAU, are exceptional. The specialists at the Caparol ColorDesignStudio started looking for trend colors and found natural pastel and earth tones. We see a lot of pastel shades coming. Together with strong colors, they offer a nice selection for interior design,”says Corinna Schuchmann. 28 colors were added to the trend collection.

alsecco functional facades

Alsecco focuses on the expanded range of alsecco functional facades. Resistant and stable facade insulation systems are being used more and more. The diverse options for designing extremely dark plaster facades and materials such as natural stone, clinker, porcelain stoneware, ceramics and glass are in demand. Also presented are attractive effect coatings such as silicon carbide, a coating with a mica effect, facades of the Spar Dash system split with glass and stone and the fine filler Alsiplan Arte for the execution of Mediterranean filling techniques. Alsecco presents the Alprotect Aero Free system solution as a facade insulation system without algicidal and fungicidal active ingredients. The system solution achieves its high resistance to algae and fungus growth through innovative sol-silicate technology based on the sol-silicate lightweight plaster Alsilite ecoFree. Alsecco also presents a system concept with integrated organic photovoltaic elements (OPV). "Building integration of photovoltaic components is absolutely forward-looking," explains Jörg Lamprecht, Head of Advertising and Communication at alsecco.

Building protection and floor coatings

DISBON presents its diverse product portfolio with coatings and renovation solutions for industrial and commercial construction. The company presents numerous resistant coatings for the areas of concrete renovation, industrial floor coating, parking structures, engineering structures and waterproofing.

Curtain-ventilated facades

The extensive program on the exhibition stand is rounded off by Lithodecor, which present curtain-type, rear-ventilated facade systems for different structural requirements. The LITHO Stone system offers a wide range of options for the design of high-quality natural stone facades. Even large panels with an area of up to 7.7 square meters can be installed on the facade. In addition to the natural stone light facade, the glass facades LITHO Glass, LITHO Glassic and LITHO Photovoltaic, a system with integrated photovoltaic modules, as well as the new developments LITHO Ceramic with ceramic surface and LITHO Concrete, a system solution with concrete surface, are at the center of the presentation of the Lithodecor facade manufacturer.







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Caparol, alsecco, DISBON and Lithodecor at BAU 2017 in Munich: Hall A6, Stand 421

About the company:

DAW SE, Ober-Ramstadt

The DAW group of companies is the market leader in the field of decorative paints in Germany, Austria, Turkey and Belarus. In Europe, the company is in third place in terms of building colors after large international groups. With around 5,600 employees in Germany and abroad (without participations) and annual sales of around 1.3 billion euros, DAW is Europe's largest manufacturer of building paints in private hands. The group of companies includes Caparol (paints, varnishes, glazes, thermal insulation composite systems) and Alpina (brand for the handyman). The best-known product is alpine white - Europe's best-selling interior color.

In May 2012, the DAW won the n-tv "Hidden Champion" SME award in the sustainability category and in June 2013 the "Health Media Award" together with Forbo for the community project "Habitat". In 2015, the DAW was awarded the gold medal by the consumer initiative as a sustainable company.

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