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Capatect Roadshow

Capatect Roadshow
Capatect Roadshow

Video: Capatect Roadshow

Video: Capatect Roadshow
Video: Технология монтажа системы утепления фасадов Capatect от Caparol. 2023, November

With a roadshow, Caparol presents its light plasters and light reinforcing agents at around 40 locations in Germany.

According to the manufacturer, they have a large number of advantageous properties, from which the manufacturing trade benefits in the first place. The expectations of the new CAPATECT light TO GO product line are accordingly high, especially since the DAW group of companies has once again identified itself as a trendsetter in the industry with the new organic light plasters and light reinforcements after the introduction of hemp as facade insulation material.

"With our new CAPATECT light TO GO lightweight plasters, we are now making it even easier for professional painters and plasterers to plaster facades with the colorful striped elephant," emphasizes Andreas Kamp, Marketing Manager for facade insulation technology at Caparol in Ober-Ramstadt. According to him, the new developments are characterized by a whole series of remarkable properties that make processor hearts beat faster. At the start of the campaign, Caparol puts the spotlight on the particularly high-quality light plasters “ThermoSan facade plaster NQG and Sylitol facade plaster NQG. The differences to the conventional standard plasters are more than clear on these two modern premium products:

30% lighter: means significantly less weight on the handle. Due to the use of expandable granules and other light aggregates, Capatect light plaster containers are significantly lighter than comparable conventional standard plasters. If the bucket weighs only 20 kg instead of the usual 25 kg, this is a clear ergonomic advantage because the painter has to lift and carry significantly less weight on the construction site.

20% faster processing: means more space per unit of time. With a single trowel coat, CAPATECT light plaster can coat significantly more surface than with a comparable standard plaster. This is the result of a current processing test. In addition, it can work significantly less fatigue.

30% more economical: means more space per bucket. With a 20 kg container of light plaster from CAPATECT, significantly more surface can be plastered than with a conventional standard plaster in a 25 kg container. In total, this results in fewer and lighter containers for more area coverage.

Evidently cheaper: Caparol has a new service tool on www.flaechenpreiskalkulator.de, which can be used to determine the material consumption and price of CAPATECT light TO GO products per square meter of product and compare them with other standard products.

The most important foreseeable effect of the market launch of CAPATECT light TO GO products is the reorientation of the painting and plastering trade: The craft is rethinking: price per square meter instead of price per kilo! The material consumption per area is more important for the profitability calculation than the amount of plaster per bucket. With the CAPATECT light plasters you work easier and also more economically. The better ergonomics in the processing convinced many craftsmen and also protects the environment, since significantly less weight is transported!”Andreas Kamp finds this combination particularly good.

Lighter, faster, more economical: 1 full kilogram of plastering mass saves fabricators per square meter of facade area if you use an organically formulated Capatect light plaster.

The CAPATECT light TO GO RoadShow starts at the end of March and runs until the end of June. The market launch will take place at around 40 wholesalers locations across Germany. There, interested painters and plasterers can practically convince themselves of the advantages of the new light plasters and light reinforcements.

The complete tour schedule will be available shortly at www.light-to-go.de.

Market launch of the new CAPATECT light TO GO plasters: The paint manufacturer Caparol advertises the advantages of the newly developed, organically formulated light plasters at 40 wholesale locations nationwide. The tour schedule can be found at www.light-to-go.de.

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