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The New Indeko-plus

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The New Indeko-plus
The New Indeko-plus

Video: The New Indeko-plus

Video: The New Indeko-plus
Video: Как ведёт себя новая Indeko plus в сравнении с обычной краской 2023, November

The interior color Indeko-plus has been improved again. Product manager Rudolf Kolb answers the most important questions.

What is different about the new Indeko-plus interior color?

Rudolf Kolb: The product was developed from scratch. A special and patented binder technology makes it possible to completely dispense with preservatives. In addition, the processing properties could be optimized and adapted to the current conditions of modern construction. Indeko-plus is now much easier to work with using a roller and brush and is therefore perfectly suitable for fine and smooth surfaces. In particular, trimming work can be made significantly easier. Visually, the new recipe is whiter than the previous one and allows a slightly longer open time and a matte surface, which has a positive effect both in terms of the ability to be repaired and on substrates exposed to grazing light.

Why does the new Indeko-plus contain no preservatives?

Rudolf Kolb: In the case of emulsion paints, preservatives are usually used to protect the material from contamination. The preservatives used are absolutely harmless to most people and are even used in care and cosmetic products. However, there are rare cases in which people who already have an allergy to Isothiazolinone z. B. acquired through their use in cosmetic products, also allergic when entering freshly painted rooms. In order to prevent such cases and to promote the optimization of healthy interior paints, the technology of preservative-free emulsion paints is now also included in Indeko-plus. All preservative-free interior paints from Caparol are identified by the “ELF plus” logo.

Does the preservation-free setting limit storage stability?

Rudolf Kolb: No. The color is not stabilized by classic preservatives such as isothiazolinones, but by the natural, natural properties of the raw materials it contains, similar to dispersion silicate paints. Nevertheless, there are no restrictions in storage stability with originally closed containers and proper storage. As a rule, this is two years.

Is the tinted product also free of preservatives?

Rudolf Kolb: The basic formulation of the tinted product is formulated without preservatives. However, after tinting, the products must not be advertised as completely free of preservatives, since small amounts of preservatives are introduced through the tinting paste. Nevertheless, the labeling according to EUH208 (reference to skin-sensitizing substances) can also be dispensed with for tinted products, since the amount of preservative introduced in any case remains below the labeling limit

What must be considered when using the new Indeko-plus?

Rudolf Kolb: There are no significant changes for the user. He can process the new quality with the same tool and on identical substrates as the previous quality. Due to the easier application, we recommend not to dilute the paint. So if you are used to adding a splash of water to Indeko-plus, you should hold back a bit with the new goods. If there is still a need, the new goods can of course be easily diluted with water. The new binder smells slightly different, and the user may notice that. The smell of fresh paint is neither intense nor unpleasant, just different. After drying, Indeko-plus remains odorless.

Can the previous goods be processed together with the new ones at a construction site?

Rudolf Kolb: The white goods differ only very slightly in color and structure. Therefore, the use of both qualities on a construction site, for. B. in principle possible in the changeover phase. However, the colors must not be processed together on one surface. A demarcation from wall to wall or from room to room is absolutely acceptable. The same applies to the earthenware. Partial improvement of the previous quality with the new one or vice versa will inevitably lead to visible stains. It is important to avoid this.

Rudolf Kolb is responsible for interior paints in Caparol product management.

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