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FC Bayern Campus

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FC Bayern Campus
FC Bayern Campus

Video: FC Bayern Campus

Video: FC Bayern Campus
Video: A day with Chris Richards at FC Bayern Campus #FollowMeAround 2023, November

Impressive: the recently opened academy for young footballers from FC Bayern Munich.

Athletics and fitness rooms, swimming pool, a "players lounge" to relax, homework and living rooms for youth players and much more: The new academy building on the recently opened "FC Bayern Campus" offers FC Bayern Munich's young footballers many opportunities to relax and train. An object with a diverse interior that came with a number of requirements for the painting company commissioned - the traditional Martin Faßnacht GmbH from Munich - when painting walls and ceilings, door frames, stairs and railings.

Ventilation system in a sensitive environment

"In total, we made around 15,000 square meters of wall and ceiling paintings in the academy, painted more than 150 door frames and 100 meters of steel girders," says master painter and painter Daniel Faßnacht, who is also a restorer in the trade and looks after both large objects and private customers. Together with father Uli and brother Alexander, he is now the third generation to run the family business with a 70-year history. "On top of that, we worked 1.6 kilometers of ventilation and air conditioning system, whose ducts and lines had to be painted black." That was a special challenge because the soundproofing mats that were directly adjacent to them could under no circumstances come into contact with the paint.

"Wherever possible, we worked with the NESPRI-TEC system from Caparol and with heated syringes for paints," says Faßnacht. With NESPRI-TEC, spraying can be carried out precisely, without the surroundings being affected by spray mist. Warm spraying of paints means that the material can work at a lower pressure due to the optimal viscosity. "With the help of suitable nozzles and the right pressure regulation, we were able to spray paint the air conditioning system precisely without the soundproofing mats getting anything," the master painter continues. “With the large wall and ceiling areas, the innovative, fog-free spray technology made it possible above all to work quickly and cleanly at the same time.“In contrast to low-fog systems or the classic application of paint with a roller, Nespri-TEC can save around 30 percent of the time.

The right product for every requirement

The various usage requirements in the building also came into play when selecting the product. The demand was for high-quality products with which perfect surfaces of quality levels Q3 and Q4 can be produced. For example, the academy building has large windows that provide the rooms with a lot of light - here it was important to create smooth surfaces. "In order to achieve a surface design free from grazing light, Caparol Haftgrund, Sylitol Mineralgrund and Caparol MattFinish of wet abrasion class 1 with a covering capacity of class 1 were used as the primer," explains Caparol sales representative Johannes Triantafyllu, who looked after the property on site. "Amphibolin was processed in the swimming pool, where there can be increased humidity,because it can withstand the special conditions of this correspondingly highly stressed area without any problems. It is durable, hard-wearing and easy to clean. And for door frames and steel beams, we have recommended a special metallic effect coating consisting of a primer with Capacryl adhesive primer and a top coat with Capacryl effect lacquer."

Each construction phase had to be completed at a fixed time - from November 2016 to August 2017, Faßnacht and his team worked on the construction site, with an average of three and at the top with up to ten men. In addition to meeting deadlines, the highest quality in product and workmanship was one of the most important requirements of the responsible architectural firm Dipl.-Ing. J. Bauer Architects from Munich. "We have been working with Caparol products for years and are convinced of the quality," says Faßnacht. "The same applies to the longstanding and good cooperation with sales consultant Triantafyllu, also with regard to the handling of large objects."

By the way: Daniel Faßnacht has been a football fan and glowing Bayern fan since he was little. "That everything went smoothly with this project," he concludes, "was a matter of honor for us alone."

Painter Faßnacht (2nd from left) with his team.

Construction board:

- Object: New academy building on the FC Bayern campus of FC Bayern München eV, Ingolstädter Str. 272, 80939 Munich

- Client: FC Bayern München eV

- Architect: Dipl.-Ing. J. Bauer Architects, Munich, www.bauer-architekten.com

- Executing company: Daniel Faßnacht, master painter and restorer in the craft, Martin Faßnacht GmbH painting company, Fraunhoferstraße 3, 82152 Martinsried

Katharina Mandlinger