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Coating During Operation

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Coating During Operation
Coating During Operation

Video: Coating During Operation

Video: Coating During Operation
Video: Personal Protection and Safety Operation during Coating Construction 2023, November

The “Bauhaus” project in Pforzheim shows that a metal facade of 1,500 square meters can be coated with perfect results and at the same time extremely economically.

The metal facade of the hardware store shines again in its CI colors today, spotlessly white with red accents in lettering, logo and ribbons. Over the years, the metal facade coated industrially in RAL 9010 had become unsightly in some places. For example, in the area of the main entrance, where changing signs left dirt and glue marks. Attempts to remove these with abrasive fleece had resulted in matt areas. Therefore, those responsible for the renovation decided to have most of the 2,500 square meter metal facade re-coated.

The painting work on the facade had to be carried out during operation. Setting up scaffolding would have been cumbersome and time-consuming because of the outdoor sales areas located directly on the building. The solution was a lifting platform and the airless spray process. The only thing missing was the right paint with a primer that can be applied using the airless process and adheres to the old facade. Initially, a solution with a two-component paint was being discussed, but those responsible quickly abandoned it because the effort involved in mixing, repotting and pot life would have been too great for the necessary quick application.

"After the commissioned master painter Andreas Bihler from the creative style painter asked us for advice, we created a sample area with our adhesive primer on site," reports Caparol sales consultant Martin Heger. Application technician Hartmut Erl was also present. The two application technicians are on hand to assist tradesmen with major challenges and also give practical instructions.

Setup and cleaning times

The adhesive primer can be diluted with water and dries quickly. The acrylic primer is suitable for critical substrates such as old coatings, hard PVC or aluminum. "We did cross-cut tests that even gave us perfect adhesion here on the smooth metal," says Heger. It is not uncommon for there to be unpredictable peculiarities: For example, anti-wetting substances that reduce adhesion are often used in the industrial coating of metal facades.

The painters also applied the one-component paint to the adhesive primer using the airless spray process. The water-thinnable material is characterized by scratch and shock resistance. I am pleasantly surprised by the aqueous one-component system, because of the simple processing and the fast workflow compared to two-component systems. We would have needed one more employee. In addition, set-up and cleaning times were much shorter. The airless device can be cleaned with water and ready for use again in half an hour,”explains Bihler.

No signs of seeing

The master painter was pleased that no approaches to the metal facade could be seen when working from the lifting platform. Bihler spent two weeks with two teams of two to four painters there. Thanks to the use of the lifting platform and the airless spray process, it was possible to work flexibly in stages. “We want to completely move away from solvent-based paints. It is better for the environment and our health. In addition, the processing is flawless, the cleaning of the tools is easy,”summarizes Bihler.

The rapid process of the facade coating also convinced Daniel Clemens, manager of the hardware store: “The facade looks like new.” Sales consultant Martin Heger is certain that the new paint job will last for the next 15 to 20 years.

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Object: metal facade, Bauhaus, Konstanzer Strasse 6, 75179 Pforzheim

Executing company:

Andreas Bihler, specialist painter

Creative style Pforzheim

Products: Capacryl adhesive primer and

Capacryl PU Satin