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Effective Light

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Effective Light
Effective Light

Video: Effective Light

Video: Effective Light
Video: The High Pressure Sodium Light: Ubiquitous, effective, but good? 2023, November

When the light comes on, the colorful cubes are perfectly staged by the lighting and attract everyone's attention.

"The light installation is the highlight of our dining room," enthuses Jan-Peter Sattler-Riegel. The real estate agent from Bonn had discovered them in a specialty shop. What he hadn't paid attention to at first: The light installation was mounted there on a lacquered wooden plate on which the interplay of light and shadow was properly expressed.

The decision in favor of the installation accordingly placed high demands on the wall of the old building, which it was to decorate: "It needed a wall that was as smooth as a mirror," explains Caparol application engineer Josef Bolz. "Otherwise you will see any bumps when the light is on."

The Caparol specialist was brought in by the H. Imbach GmbH painter's company, who was responsible for the renovation of the old building. Like the Immobilienkontor Sattler, the company is part of the master team in Bonn / Rhein-Sieg, a local craft cooperation. Master painter Werner Pleis took the challenge of a flawlessly smooth white surface.

Efficient work in the airless spray process

The wall was first filled with Capalac lacquer spatula in accordance with the Q4 quality specification. The Capacryl Airless filler was then sprayed on, which was smoothed several times. It was actually developed for painting doors and large areas of paint that are not painted with a brush and roller for reasons of economy. "The range of applications has been meaningfully expanded here," says Caparol product manager Bernhard Linck. In combination with the Capacryl Airlesslack-Satin as a finish, an extremely smooth surface was created, which can exist under exposure to grazing light. Home owner Jan-Peter Sattler-Riegel was impressed by the creative solution that Malerbetrieb and Caparol found to put his dining room in the right light.

Nina Voigt

Source: Caparol