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Professional And Customer-oriented

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Professional And Customer-oriented
Professional And Customer-oriented

Video: Professional And Customer-oriented

Video: Professional And Customer-oriented
Video: Customer Orientation 2023, November

Abraham Malerbetrieb GmbH can look back on 70 years of company history. With 20 employees, the company cultivates the craft - and would like to combine traditions of the family business and modern zeitgeist.

Jessica Klapp

I didn't think I would follow in my father's and grandfather's footsteps until after I graduated from high school,”Philipp Abraham says with a smile. It is thanks to the coincidence that he would have had to wait for a place to study, that the now 36-year-old quickly made the decision to complete a two-year apprenticeship as a painter and painter. Immediately afterwards he attended the master school to return to the company one year later as a master painter. “Maybe I took up the job precisely because I wasn't too involved in the family business as a child. My parents always let me go my way,”said Abraham. After training as a business economist in the trade, Philipp Abraham joined the company on an independent basis in 2009,before taking it entirely from father Hans in 2014.

The company's history began in 1947, grandfather Abraham founded the company. With a total of 20 employees - a team of masters, journeyman, trainees and the management - the company has now established itself broadly: In addition to classic painting and varnishing work, the team also installs floor coverings, drywall work and high-quality interior and exterior work. The company is particularly interested in renovating old buildings. The customer is always the focus of all the services that the Abraham painting company offers. “Services - professional, fast and customer-oriented - is our topic.

Visibility in the market

The painter's market is very competitive. Quality alone is not enough, because there are good craftsmen almost everywhere,”Philipp Abraham is certain. “We want to stand out from the crowd and convince our customers that we are enthusiastic about the work we do. We respond to individual requests and would like to leave a good impression, because a satisfied customer usually becomes a regular customer.”For this reason, the company places great value on communication with customers, accessibility and the appearance of the employees. Philipp Abraham also focuses on visibility on the market - for example through social media, a homepage, scaffolding advertising or an attractive lettering on company vehicles. The clean and uniform company clothing of the employees is particularly important to him. Because whether consciously or unconsciously, these criteria play a decisive role in the decision for or against a suitable specialist company.

Generation change

What caused problems for many companies went extremely smoothly at the Abraham painting company. Philipp Abraham attributes the successful change from the second to the third generation above all to his father: “My father let me make sustainable decisions at an early stage. He is not vain and has had no difficulty giving up tasks. The trust he placed in me naturally makes me a little proud.”Philipp Abraham was given the opportunity to bring in new ideas of his own and to be able to live out his creative side in everyday business. The company continues to benefit from Hans Abraham's almost 50 years of professional experience, who continues to take on projects that are particularly close to his heart

The painting business has been closely associated with Caparol since the first generation. Abraham's grandfather was already a customer of the paint manufacturer. The managing director of the family business is open to innovations. At a seminar at the beginning of the year, Philipp Abraham got to know the Caparol Icons. The product collection consists of 120 colors: "Having already had double-edged experience with foreign competitors in this premium segment, I was excited to see which alternative Caparol as a German manufacturer will now offer the high-end market." The range of interior paints and varnishes in practice are positive: the company has already been able to implement a number of orders with the product line.

“During a first meeting at the customer's site, we as a specialist company get the first clues as to what is important to them and what they value. We can then make a pre-selection and then invite him to our office,”explains Philipp Abraham. In the rooms, which are kept in a classic style, the painting company has samples and typesets from the collection ready to provide comprehensive advice on the color options.