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Luxury Colors

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Luxury Colors
Luxury Colors

Video: Luxury Colors

Video: Luxury Colors
Video: Luxury Home Interior Paint Colors 2023, November

Since the introduction of the high-end interior colors Caparol Icons, a large number of extraordinary objects have been created. Here is a selection and background information on the collection.

Author: Martin Mansel | Photos: Caparol

Color as a style-defining element, particularly highly pigmented, with an extraordinary depth of color and an evenly matt and velvety surface that gives rooms a very special effect, is how Annika Murjahn, the Icon Project Manager, defines the claim of the collection. Dr. Klaus Murjahn describes the motives for the development of luxury colors as follows: “The trend to buy branded products and the willingness to pay a higher price for them has meanwhile also spread from the consumer goods to the building materials industry. End consumers, house and apartment owners, interior designers and architects identify with a brand. In the case of interior colors, the trend is towards small color collections that make it easier to choose a color,because the colors have been pre-selected by experts, which gives the color collection its stylishness. The good-sounding color names and their stories are part of this brand experience, they become a topic of conversation.”

Three years of development

The research and development team at Caparol in Ober-Ramstadt specifically formulated the recipes for the shades available as interior paint or interior paint for this collection. The development of the recipes took three years. The range includes high-quality interior paints and interior lacquers as well as a perfectly matched primer system. The pigment content is up to 100 percent higher than with conventional colors. This results in an intense luminosity. The water-based formulation of the interior paints is odorless and free of solvents and plasticizers and therefore also suitable for children's toys. The icon colors are sustainably produced in Germany according to the highest environmental standards.

The reference objects shown here make it clear how versatile the possible uses are, whether used in representative living, in shop design or in an elegant business environment. The selection ranges from powdery, elegant nuances to brilliant modern and classic tones. These can be combined with each other in a versatile and simple manner - whether harmonious or rich in contrast - and can thus meet the needs of different living styles and lighting conditions.

Dr. Ralf Murjahn, CEO of DAW, on the development of the product collection: “We are the first German manufacturer to launch its own product line on the new high-end market and to offer an alternative to manufacturers from abroad. Caparol Icons products meet the high requirements of the German standards set by the Association of the German Lacquer and Printing Ink Industry. This includes emission-minimized and solvent-free as well as being suitable for children's toys. Interestingly, these standards are not a matter of course in this segment, since it is largely served from abroad."

Color stories

The color collection consists of 120 specially developed shades and quotes style-defining moments from six decades of color history. Each color tells its own story. Asked about his preference, answers

Dr. Ralf Murjahn: "My favorite color is No. 13 Sea of Tranquility - that's the name of the lunar crater on which Apollo 11 landed in 1969. The shade is inspired by the beautiful warm gray of the moon. One of my earliest childhood memories is watching the moon landing with my parents on an old flickering TV. What many don't know: The first sentence Neil Armstrong sent to Earth was: "Houston, Tranquility Base here - the eagle has landed". Tranquility Base means the moon crater “Sea of Tranquility” - now one of our 120 color icons. It is a very imaginative and well researched concept, which arouses a lot of emotions and associations in me and the people I talk to about it.”

Annika Murjahn finds it difficult to answer which is her favorite color: “I am often asked the question. It is difficult to name one, it changes depending on where I am, what rooms I am in. But in concrete terms, I had No. 61 Surf's Up painted - a wonderfully subtle gray-blue that reminds of the sea and waves. Hence the name Surf's Up - slang for the perfect swell in the surfing scene. My kitchen is in the trendy gray-pink No. 39 So boho deleted. My friends love this tone. Boho chic, as it is known from Paris and London Notting Hill, where I live, sees luxury in simplicity. This includes natural materials such as wood, silk and suede, which have inspired this soft rosewood tone. It creates a wonderfully soft atmosphere at all times of the day and night.”

Dr. describes how to create the matt and powdery effect of the colors. Klaus Murjahn: “A lot of pure and also very expensive binder (pure acrylate) is used, in which up to twice as much pigment can be dissolved as in other formulations. The pigments float out and cover the surface when drying, which leads to the beautiful soft, matt effect on the wall. Usually these surfaces are extremely sensitive - what is called the writing effect. Thanks to our know-how, we have overtaken our competition in terms of surface sensitivity by far. Try it!"

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