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Video: MaterialPRICE

Video: MaterialPRICE
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CAPAROL ICONS received a “materialPREIS 2018” in the collection category on June 5 at the Haus der Wirtschaft in Stuttgart.

The sponsor and initiator of the competition is the material agency "raumPROBE". The competition aims to “identify special quality in the infinite variety and honor it. This provides a stage for the best materials and the best projects”.

CAPAROL ICONS is a new, unique color collection of interior paints and interior paints for modern, sophisticated interiors. 120 curated shades cite iconic moments from six decades of color history. At the same time, the colors of CAPAROL ICONS set new standards with a specially developed, innovative recipe: Particularly highly pigmented, they impress with their extraordinary depth of color and a velvety matt surface that gives rooms a very special effect. "Each color is a tribute to moments in the history of color," commented the jury on the innovative and passionate use of material.

CAPAROL ICONS: extraordinary depth of color and a velvety matt surface.

The award recognizes special developments by manufacturers, new materials and architects with their built projects. At “materialPREIS 2018”, 31 award winners were selected from 118 submitted materials. The competition was launched for the first time by “raumPROBE” in 2013 and awards prizes to manufacturers and planners in alternating years. In 2018, the jurors Henning Ehrhardt, Cord Rainer Glantz, Prof. Dr. Markus Holzbach, Helga Kühnhenrich, Dr. Alexander Rieck and Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger's material manufacturers, developers and creatives with their latest materials and innovations. The submissions show the construction industry which innovations are currently available and which of them are particularly distinguished. The award winners can be seen for one year in the "material EXHIBITION" and at various special shows.

More at www.raumprobe.de and www.caparol-icons.de

Carsten Tümpner (Caparol) is delighted at the "materialPREIS 2018" award in Stuttgart in June for an award for CAPAROL ICONS.

Source: Caparol

Photos: Philip Kottlorz, stilwerk