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Staircases Cleaned And Made Fine

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Staircases Cleaned And Made Fine
Staircases Cleaned And Made Fine

Video: Staircases Cleaned And Made Fine

Video: Staircases Cleaned And Made Fine
Video: How to Clean Stairs - Clean With Me - Home Staircases 2023, December

The possibilities seem almost limitless when it comes to the color design of stairwells. This opens up new and why not even unconventional design options.

Author: Martina Lehmann I Photos: Caparol

Most of the time, these are passage rooms that are not or only sparsely furnished. This means that only a few color and material specifications have to be taken into account and the range of colors is accordingly large.

One thing, however, should always be borne in mind: walls in stairwells have to be tough and can take a lot. A high-quality, hard-wearing product is worthwhile here, so that the renovation can be enjoyed for as long as possible. Another special feature: Nobody stays in stairwells for long. The rule states that where the dwell time is short, strong color accents are "allowed". That is why we are often more discreet in living spaces, where we are looking for peace and relaxation.

individual design

But do they always have to be intense, bright colors? Of course not! Especially in times when living spaces are becoming scarcer, stairwells are not always only used as a transit zone, in some cases they are openly connected to living space. The use of course depends on the individual object.

Our examples show that it can also be dark, lively structured or cozy pastel in stairwells. All colors and surfaces used are characterized by excellent properties and are ideally suited for the stairwell area. Another feature characterizes the stairwells shown: they look really fine!

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