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Interview With Bettina Klump-Bickert. Sustainability - Go For Green

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Interview With Bettina Klump-Bickert. Sustainability - Go For Green
Interview With Bettina Klump-Bickert. Sustainability - Go For Green

Video: Interview With Bettina Klump-Bickert. Sustainability - Go For Green

Video: Interview With Bettina Klump-Bickert. Sustainability - Go For Green
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The Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke (DAW) are among the leading companies in Germany in terms of sustainable management. We spoke to Bettina Klump-Bickert, Head of Sustainability Management, about responsible handling of the environment and society.

Author I Photo: Martin Mansel

Ms. Klump-Bickert, how do you define the term sustainability?

What are the most important aspects for the DAW?

Bettina Klump-Bickert: Sustainability means acting in a way that future generations can live without restriction. This way of thinking is a matter of course for the DAW as a family-run company. In 2010, we developed our sustainability strategy with three areas of action: sustainable companies, sustainable products and sustainable buildings. This means that we manufacture sustainable products with a sustainably managed company that help our customers to realize their vision of sustainable buildings. At that time, we set ourselves the ambitious goal of positioning DAW with its Caparol and Alpina brands as pioneers in the industry.

How have the goals developed since then


Bettina Klump-Bickert: We see the topic of sustainability as a permanent process that is continually being continued. We have been involved in the United Nations Global Compact on human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption since 2010.

With our sustainability brochure, which is published once a year, we report on how we are continuously developing sustainability in line with the Global Compact

You are the only company in the industry to have a sustainability advisory board. What is the function of this?

Bettina Klump-Bickert: We founded the external sustainability advisory board in 2010. It consists of representatives of our large interest groups, whose view and assessment of sustainable development are very important to us. We have also been holding stakeholder dialogues every year since 2014. This includes painters, architects, NGOs, energy consultants, suppliers and end users. The goal is an open and honest discussion - also on critical topics. For us, this is the opportunity and the basis for sustainable further development.

The Sustainability Advisory Board meets every six months. Who is on the advisory board and how can you imagine the collaboration?

Bettina Klump-Bickert: Our Sustainability Advisory Board also includes experts from architecture, painting and science. The members change every two to four years in order to keep getting new impulses. The advisory board advises us on our objectives, the further development of the sustainability strategy, trends and innovations.

Mr. Foetsch, you are an authorized signatory and responsible head of ARTA

Management and as a representative of the trades on the sustainability advisory board. How do you assess the collaboration?

Björn Foetsch: I consider it a great gift that as an external person you will be involved in such a narrow circle. It is simply exciting to find out exactly what the DAW does. If you are involved in these processes, the corresponding concepts can also be understood.

And I hope we can also give some impulses back from the artisan side

The DAW works with many suppliers. How do you ensure that these also follow your guiding principles? You separate if they don't want to or can't follow.

Bettina Klump-Bickert: We are lucky enough to work with large international companies that support our sustainable corporate strategy. Accordingly, we are supported and accompanied in product development. Some also bring the idea of sustainability to themselves. To my knowledge, we have not yet had to part company. Our suppliers are obliged to sign our supplier code and to respect the principles of the Global Compact. There are many long-term partnerships and you continue to develop together.

It also wants to encourage customers and painters to develop further - do you get feedback?

Bettina Klump-Bickert: We can only convince if we as a company set a good example ourselves. The sustainable company is the foundation for us to be credible in this area. All information about our company and our products is very important and valuable for craftsmen, because they - in line with our sustainability strategy - pass it on to their customers.

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The Deutsche Amphibolin Werke (DAW) has laid down fair business practices, innovation and a sustainable business and product philosophy as core values in its corporate strategy. With the TOP 3 ranking at the German Sustainability Award 2018, DAW is currently one of the most sustainable companies in Germany.


Bettina Klump-Bickert, Head of Sustainability Management

We can only convince

if we as a company lead by example