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Passive House For Active Students

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Passive House For Active Students
Passive House For Active Students

Video: Passive House For Active Students

Video: Passive House For Active Students
Video: Passive House Block - строим дом в 3 раза быстрее! 2023, November

This is how modern school can be: In the south of Leipzig there is a new elementary school building that offers students and teachers a lot of stimulation for communication and movement thanks to its architecture. The new building for around 560 children was built in the passive house standard.

Author: Nina Voigt | Photos: Thomas Lewandovski

With a view to the energy requirements and the cost requirements of the city of Leipzig, the decision was made to use a thermal insulation composite system in the 4000 square meter facade area. The office JSWD Architects from Cologne was commissioned with the general planning. In some cases, insulation boards made of polystyrene hard foam with a thickness of 30 centimeters were necessary for energy, as architect and shareholder Jürgen Steffens from JSWD reports. “The rigid foam panels also made it possible to give the facade a special level of detail.” This is structured with horizontal window strips that are framed with ventilated aluminum panels. The band accentuates the otherwise simple, white plaster facade. "The panels are of different widths, partly overlap or lead around the corner, which gives the whole a concise rhythm",explains Jürgen Steffens. Accordingly, a sharp-edged design in the transition from the plaster surfaces to the aluminum edging of the window strips was desired.

Challenge for artisans

However, this was not an easy task for the fabricator: "With the insulation, we had to keep the distances to the aluminum cladding exactly and ensure an even joint," explains project manager Horst Sippel from the Wiedemann construction company. The craftsmen used metal gauges and mastered their task brilliantly. "The look is good," says architect Jürgen Steffens, "we are very satisfied with the result."

In order to ensure that pupils and teachers have something of the bright appearance of their school for a long time, Michael Buchen, planner and property consultant, opted for additional high-quality products in addition to the ETICS: The insulation boards were given an impact-resistant reinforcement layer and a silicone resin finishing coat. This structural plaster is weatherproof, water-repellent and offers increased protection against fungal and algae infestation.

The rain-repellent silicone resin facade paint with integrated nano-quartz structures was also used. The organically networked nano-quartz structures form a dense, mineral-hard, three-dimensional quartz network against dirt and thus keep the facade clean for longer.

Honorable mention for new building

The contemporary architecture also received special attention from the jury of the architecture award 2015 of the city of Leipzig, because it gave the new building a "special mention". This award, which was created to promote building culture, is awarded for architectural services of exemplary quality. The jury found that "the new building of the five-level elementary school in the contemporary passive house standard convinces with a clear building concept."


Caparol products used:

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Capatect ZF spatula

AmphiSilan facade plaster

AmphiSilan facade paint