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Color Stability. New Pigments - More Stability

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Color Stability. New Pigments - More Stability
Color Stability. New Pigments - More Stability

Video: Color Stability. New Pigments - More Stability

Video: Color Stability. New Pigments - More Stability
Video: The first transparent production of pigments for tattooing and permanent makeup. 2023, November

A new tinting technology that combines inorganic pigments with organic ones promises color stability and brilliance.

Author: Susanne Sachsenmaier-Wahl | Photos: Caparol

Even if white facades still dominate the streets, there is still a tendency towards strong accents in the facade design. Product Manager Dr. also knows this Berit Walter. She is responsible for the ColorExpress area at Caparol. "The trend research of the ColorDesignStudio shows that red and yellow tones play an essential and increasingly important role in designing the facade," she explains. The shades of popular facade shades vary from pastel yellow to strong red tones. "Unfortunately, the sun affects the beautiful pigments so that the facade can occasionally fade," says Berit Walter. You can see in many places how once red bold facades drift into kitschy pink or even lovely pink after just a few years. To the detriment of the house owner - and in the event of a complaint, not infrequently also of the painting company.

Lightfast pigments

As before, the highest color stability according to BFS Leaflet Group 1 ("best lightfast") is only achieved with mineral pigments. However, when using only mineral pigments, the choice of color and brilliance is limited. This was no longer acceptable to the Hessian paint manufacturer and has been researching and experimenting with organic pigments in the past six months.

At FAF 2019 in Cologne, the specialist audience was presented with new tinting pastes from ColorExpress for the first time, which enable even more colors and offer a longer, color-stable design. "With the new tinting pastes from ColorExpress, facades remain stable in color even in previously problematic colors in the yellow and red range," says a delighted Berit Walter. Especially in view of the fact that the hours of sun rise in Germany on average over the year, the new tinting pastes are an important development step.

The two highly light-resistant organic red and yellow pigments are classified in Group 2 according to the BFS leaflet. "However, this does not mean that group 2 is worse than group 1, but only that only inorganic pigments are permitted in group 1," explains Walter: "In terms of color stability, these two organic pigments are on the same level as the inorganic pigments - one real innovation."

Proven UV stability

Of course, the new Caparol tinting pastes were tested before they could be used. After many hours in the laboratory, in which the best formulation and an exact color formulation were determined, the new pigment preparations have been extensively tested for their UV stability under the sun of Italy and Dubai, as well as through extensive weathering tests. After documenting excellent UV stability there, the way to the 1: 250 ColorExpress locations in Germany was clear. We want to know from Berit Walter what enables the high color stability of the new organic red and yellow pigments to be achieved. "Due to the special chemical structure with a stable ring system." It tells us nothing more.

The new pigments are to be used in particular for tinting the Muresko facade paint. Berit Walter justifies this choice as follows: "Because Muresko is our facade paint with the highest color variety and brilliance, we achieve this, among other things, by using organic pigments." According to Berit Walter, the new clay pastes can also be used in other products, for example in paints. The course has been set for an even more brilliant facade design.

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Dr. Berit Walter, Caparol product manager

With the new pigments, previously problematic color tones on the facade are stable for longer, while at the same time providing brilliance and

variety of colors