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Wide Range
Wide Range

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Video: Wide Range
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Awareness of harmoniously designed rooms is increasing in all areas of life. A good opportunity for the skilled trades to offer customers designs from the Classic range. We asked interior designer Andrea Girgzdies about the advantages of this advisory tool.

Photos: Caparol

What design tool would you recommend?

Andrea Girgzdies: As a good counterpart to the trend fan, designs from the classic fan are suitable for customers who prefer timeless, calm and reserved colors. In our hectic world, the need for calm, subtle color nuances and tone-on-tone designs is growing. It is a great design tool, especially for people who like to have white nuances around them and then want to combine subtle shades.

Which rooms is the fan suitable for?

Andrea Girgzdies: Basically for all interiors, both private and commercial; both for old buildings and for modern architecture. Bright, delicate, light combinations can be found as well as accentuated, powerful, expressive color moods. This enables harmonious and stylish coordination on architecture, floors, windows. And this can result in holistic and timeless room and color designs.

Can you show us some design examples? What is your favorite object?

Andrea Girgzdies: I particularly like Villa Stiens, which my colleague Kirstin Bachmann designed. The modern, very open and light-flooded residential house directs your gaze into the great outdoors. The light color shades from white to fresh and cool green tones support the airy, light spatial effect without distracting. The conference room of a housing association, designed by Petra Ruhnau, is also a beautiful object. A listed building was renovated here. The warm wood tones of the doors and parquet were embedded in noble, subtle gray tones. The dark granite gray front wall gives the room strength and integrates the dark screen unobtrusively.

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The "Classic" collection with 60 shades offers a rich color spectrum of elegant, classic shades for timeless living. The design subject including brochure is available from the Caparol Club for 17.85 euros (item no. 876901).