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Color Concept For Art Nouveau Villa. Try It With Coziness

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Color Concept For Art Nouveau Villa. Try It With Coziness
Color Concept For Art Nouveau Villa. Try It With Coziness

Video: Color Concept For Art Nouveau Villa. Try It With Coziness

Video: Color Concept For Art Nouveau Villa. Try It With Coziness
Video: The Devil Girl. Part 1 #Coloring in 'Art Nouveau' bu J.Summer #adultcoloring #раскраска 2023, November

The lifestyle of the young owner family should be reflected in the color concept of this Art Nouveau villa. The article shows the difficulties the painters faced when implementing the color concept.

Photos: Caparol

Painter Gert Priebe was initially hesitant about the color concept: “When it came to realizing the concept, it was a challenge to put what was on the paper on the wall. Often only one wall is painted in a project, but here almost every wall in the house should be colored. We felt our way through it - and I'm also thrilled with the result.”

While the white ceilings were painted with Indeko-plus, a high-quality interior paint with double opacity, Gert Priebe opted for PremiumClean for the light wall colors and PremiumColor for the strong, dark shades. “Both products are extremely hard-wearing and easy to clean. They result in a noble matt surface with high color brilliance and are nevertheless easy to clean, especially when there are children in the house,”reports the master painter.

Color concept: cool colors

Together with graduate designer Margit Vollmert from the ColorDesignStudio, host Anne Hasenberg worked her way through the rooms with the help of color fans. "When it came to choosing the color, the first priority was comfort," said Vollmert, "and we found that cooler colors matched the furniture and floors." So the choice of color in the living room fell on a mint bleu.”This color should create a light, elegant and cozy atmosphere.

The kitchen as the linchpin in the house is characterized by a special color: Inspired by the trend colors, it has a deep dark forest green. “Even if the color appeared bold after we tried various colors, we ended up with the color forest green. Since there is very little daylight in the room, we decided on a slightly brighter gradation and also had the radiator painted in the same color,”says Anne Hasenberg

The rooms of the house were painted with PremiumClean and PremiumColor. The harmonious coloring follows a uniform line. The bathrooms, the only rooms without stucco, were painted in the same color on the wall and ceiling due to their narrow proportions and now appear less high. In the mirror area, a shiny metallic design technology with Capadecor Metallocryl Interior sets an additional accent. With the departure for more color, the family followed the Art Nouveau era, in which color was a natural part of interior design.


While the family feels completely at ease, the color concept astonishes the visitors of the family and has already served as inspiration for friends and acquaintances.

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Products used

  • Indeko-plus
  • PremiumClean
  • PremiumColor
  • Capadecor Metallocryl Interior