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Health Media Award For Caparol

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Health Media Award For Caparol
Health Media Award For Caparol

Video: Health Media Award For Caparol

Video: Health Media Award For Caparol
Video: Краски Caparol 2023, December

Friday, September 13th, was a lucky day for Caparol: On this day, the eleventh time the industry Oscar "Health Media Award" for the best health communication was presented in Cologne

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With the contribution "Colors that Care - Living Spaces", a holistic design concept that shows how self-determined living can succeed in old age, the Caparol team was one of the most promising candidates in the "Concepts / Projects / Perspectives & Ideas" category. The joy was correspondingly great when it was clear that the "Health: Angel" 2019 will be awarded to Germany's largest construction paint manufacturer.

“Our concept addresses central aspects of interior design for living in old age. The focus is on institutional forms of living in the district that meet the demands for age-appropriate functionality, economy and also individuality,”explains Andreas Gradinger from the property management department of DAW, to which the professional brand Caparol belongs. Eyesight changes with age. In order for the orientation to succeed despite poor visual performance, aspects such as brightness contrasts for visual accessibility must be taken into account.

Holistic contribution to the Health Media Award

"The holistic nature of the living space design concept can be seen in the fact that there is not only one magazine, but has been supplemented by digital tools that make the concept described virtually" accessible and tangible ". A campaign was developed that combines print, online, press work, lectures and social media,”said Manuela Jagemann (DAW Group Marketing).

In the “Designing living” section, practical aspects for interior design, including the right products for walls and floors, come to the fore. Requirements and solutions for interior design are presented based on the four most important usage areas: reception, hallway, lounge area and resident room.

In the "Habitats" section, six natural color worlds are presented: spring meadow, rose garden, sea breeze, mountains, countryside, summer refreshment. "Combined with perceptual psychological findings, they form the basis for atmospherically, emotionally and functionally well-designed age-appropriate living areas," explains Andrea Girgzdies from the Caparol Color Design Studio: "People of all ages feel comfortable where their emotional needs are taken up creatively. Therefore, the living environment should be designed so that it reduces stress and supports perception. Nature provides the best inspiration - the six living space color worlds are based on this knowledge. They combine balanced wall colors, floor coverings and surfaces with a natural character. The design concept 'living spaces' offers its feel-good aspect not only to the residents, but also to relatives and employees.”

The panorama tour is particularly impressive: it enables 360 ° movement through the rooms of a senior residence. The visual weaknesses “macular degeneration”, “cataracts” and “sensitivity to glare” are simulated. The use of the color concepts “living spaces” shows how color contrasts increase security and well-being in the room.