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Expert Tip. Muresko Silicone Resin Facade Paint

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Expert Tip. Muresko Silicone Resin Facade Paint
Expert Tip. Muresko Silicone Resin Facade Paint

Video: Expert Tip. Muresko Silicone Resin Facade Paint

Video: Expert Tip. Muresko Silicone Resin Facade Paint
Video: Silicone Resins Emulsion Paint - Modern Facade Coatings 2023, November

The market demands ideas, each order is stored differently and requires the specific advice and design skills of the craftsman. This also applies to the facade of an office building in Bayreuth, which the calligraphy artist Andrea Wunderlich (above in the picture) embellished. The facade became a painting that draws everyone's attention. To implement her artistic design work, she needed a high-quality, fine and, above all, color-intensive facade paint.

“The material has a unique material base that combines silicone resin and pure acrylic to form SilaCryl. The result is a coating that is characterized by extremely high weather resistance combined with high water vapor permeability, as well as by a wide range of colors and very good adhesion to different substrates,”confirms master painter Beate Ripka, who supported the artist.

"The particular challenge on the brewery site was to choose the motif and its color scheme to match the built environment," explains Andrea Wunderlich. From a wide range of practical experience, she knows that harmonies and contrasts are the key when choosing a color to capture the essence of a building and to create striking surfaces in an inspiring way. Therefore, she opted for eleven nuances that showed up in the old brick facade of the brewery building opposite.

“It is important that designed surfaces harmonize with the color values with the spatial and structural environment in which they affect an observer. Contrasts are also accepted if they are perceived as deliberately chosen design features. In both cases, a redesign or redesign is perceived as appropriate and accepted as part of a changed reality,”Beate Ripka explains the principles of color perception.


Caparol has been offering the Muresko professional product for 60 years. The universal silicone resin facade paint based on SilaCryl is used whenever the greatest variety of colors and color stability are required.

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