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This villa should look modern, casual and colorful. Together with the color designer Marcus Loewe, the owner developed a color concept for each room. From the beginning, he also included lighting designer Beate Schulte in the design process.

Author: Petra Neumann-Prystaj | Photos: Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz / Offert Albers

The color temperature of the light must match the wall color. If you combine the wrong color temperatures, the wall colors look fake and the colors are distorted,”says lighting designer Beate Schulte. "Marcus Loewe has the skill and talent to hear my ideas from conversations," says the client. For the interiors, he wanted matt, well-covering, strong wall colors, which he selected from the color range of the Caparol Icons collection, which includes 120 shades.

Shades of gray

Just no green and no blue - the businessman made the condition for the Mainz color designer. On the other hand, he agreed with the gray shades for the entrance area and the rooms on the ground floor. The basic color on the ground floor is now light concrete gray - the color "Hommage to Berlin". The combination with the delicate mouse gray of "Code Lisa" is intended to achieve variety and liveliness.

Without doors, the open kitchen, the dining area, the living room island and the TV room merge. The wall colors emphasize their respective functions. The warm, gray-brown color "Chesterfield" was applied in the TV room. The large screen with frame design attached to the wall is a kind of "art gallery at the push of a button". A digital photo can be selected from a large selection, which - as a still image - looks like a permanently installed wall picture.

All shades of gray in the lounge are matched to the metal parts of the fireplace. The velvety dark red of "Burlesque" dominates on the wall behind the modular, colorful upholstery set. This color is kept in check by gray-brown taupe ("Nouvelle Vague") and graphite gray ("Rock 'n' Roll"). A wall stripe in the strong red shade creates the optical connection between the living room and the open kitchen.

Lighting design

Because the sofa landscape was to be highlighted with its extravagant mix of patterns and colors, lighting designer Schulte moved a ceiling area suspended by a few centimeters above this area, which is interrupted by openings to the raw ceiling and indirectly illuminated. The ceiling elements can be made to shine using an LED controller in all colors of the rainbow and all levels of saturation, but also in a warm white tone. It is therefore possible to immerse the sofa zone in any lighting mood at any time of the day or night. Multi-colored glass lamps in the shape of balls and drops bathe the dining area in a pleasant light.

In the stairwell, the petrol blue from "Skater" accompanies the visitor to the upper floor. The staircase luminaires follow the round staircase, ensure sure-footedness and emphasize the warm stone steps and the architecture of the staircase. A light installation extends over all floors. To brighten and emphasize the dark wall surfaces and as a connecting element between the floors, it was suspended from the sloping ceiling down to the basement. Long cylinders made of opal white, matt, handcrafted glass are connected with fine steel cables, which illuminate the stairway as a whole. The matt, white glasses take on the character of the wall color and stand in a beautiful contrast to the rather dark, warm petrol color. This lighting can be switched on and dimmed by storey.

The bedroom with the built-in wardrobe and the five window or terrace openings was difficult to design. It should definitely have a meditative corner. Activating "Burlesque" was used again as the accent color - and in the study - softened by the light brown suede tone "Boogaloo". The fresh pink of "Bubblegum" on the front wall surprises in the guest room.

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