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Carbon Black Is Color Of The Year 2020

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Carbon Black Is Color Of The Year 2020
Carbon Black Is Color Of The Year 2020

Video: Carbon Black Is Color Of The Year 2020

Video: Carbon Black Is Color Of The Year 2020
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It is dark, very dark: the color 2020 is called carbon black and forms the focus of the trend-oriented interior design. At least that's what the Caparol color scouts have determined. A look at the trend study unique # 4.

Author: Armin Scharf | Photos: Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz / blitzwerk.de

It is not surprising that black is so important. Anyone who observes the international color scene, analyzes trade fair presentations, works through magazines from the western culture and at the same time recognizes social movements will encounter black in many different contexts.

Carbon black

It becomes clear that black is a color of clear statement, but it can gain strength, conciseness and liveliness through a clever combination with hues. The three color worlds that the team of the Caparol color design studio is presenting for the New Year show how. Black stands above all three worlds - a different black each, because at the latest with the black fan presented last spring, it became clear that completely different shades of black exist. And so in addition to the cool color of the year, carbon black, which is called "Nerone 5" in the company's nomenclature, there is ink black and ebony black, each accompanied by nine specific colored nuances.

The three color worlds, developed together with the Institute International Trends Scouting in Hildesheim for interior design, reflect current trends in interior design that use very different origins. There are currently all sorts of elements from Art Nouveau and Art Deco in play, as well as recourse to Asian or African styles; the Memphis design wave of the 1980s is present again, many designs with animal motifs from the sea shape tiles, textiles or accessories, handcrafted products made from natural materials complement the scenario. This eclectic exploitation of a wide variety of sources can be interpreted as a search for originality, for sensually tangible values that are completely in contrast to the perfect,smooth and emotionless surfaces of digital technologies.

Elegant to powerful

The “object of the season”, which complements the color worlds and reflects the emotional situation, also connects the current longing for simplicity, a wealth of variants and analog technology. The Tangram, a traditional Chinese placement game, allows 5798 different, highly abstracted, but always recognizable figures to be formed from just seven basic shapes. "The color worlds are just as simple, changeable and diverse," says project manager Andrea Girgzdies from the Color Design Studio.

The first color world with carbon black as the leading color combines cool nuances from the green area with warm rosé and light brown tones to form a gentle, subtle composition palette, called "The Elegant".

"Quiet" and "Powerful"

Color world two, "The Quiet" gathers reduced colors with only slight color contrasts, remains rather bright and warm. This minimalist keyboard represents concentration, the absence of distractions that are omnipresent in the face of digital communication. Ebony black adds depth and serves as a connecting bracket. The third color world, dubbed “powerful”, follows a different approach. Exotic inspiration, intense colors are played here, which are complemented by ink black as a balancing element. Earthy red, warm yellow and apricot as well as contrasting, gray turquoise determine this world of colors.

Complementary surfaces

For the first time, the trend scouts have developed experimental surface techniques that match the color worlds. Color world 1 gets the multilayer, linear structured looping technique "Moiré" aside; a delicate gradient made of delicately differentiated glaze, called "impression", accentuates color world 2; Finally, color world 3 is complemented by the expressive technique "Ethno". Based on a graffiti mural, it combines multiple stain filling with a black stucco structure. All of these techniques can be found in a detailed description including the necessary materials and tools as "Caparol Inspiration" on the company's website - a practical implementation is therefore ensured.

Further information


Can be used immediately

As always, for unique item # 4 there will be a detailed illustrated trend book, which is documentation and inspiration at the same time - prepared in such a way that it also inspires artisans and their private customers. Thanks to the detailed list of colors and all Caparol products used, inspiration can quickly become reality. Incidentally, there are also suggestions on how familiar products can surprise in new application examples.