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Held Monochrome
Held Monochrome

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Video: Held Monochrome
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Coordinated materials and muted colors create a pleasant ambience in the Kempf family's hairdressing business. Due to the reduced color, the focus should be on people - and beauty products should come into their own.

Author: Petra Neumann-Prystaj | Photos: Caparol Farben Lacke Bautenschutz / blitzwerk.de

A hair salon also has to keep up with the times and occasionally needs a color refresh and styling. The last renovation of the women's salon in beige-yellow, housed in a conservatory extension with a glass roof and rustic wooden profiles, was fifteen years ago. Before taking over the business, which her parents had opened in 1993, the siblings Alexandra, Fabienne and Peter wanted a complete change in their work area and a pleasant, inspiring environment for their customers.

The new look should express the motto "exclusivity included" of the multi-award-winning family company "Die Friseure". The shop also includes a cosmetic room for the treatment with effect cosmetics, a sales room with beauty products and another with designer fashion from smaller companies. Gradually, wigs were added to the range. Interior designer Katja Feldmann should emphasize these different functions more concisely in the new concept.

Gray shades of color

"It has to stay light overall, but the walls should get darker," said Alexandra Kempf. The interior designer supported her in the design and redistribution of the premises. The customer's wish to be able to try out wigs without being disturbed without attracting attention from others was fulfilled. Now the second hair studio is separated from the rest of the salon and has a lockable door.

Since enough daylight floods the hairdressing area, the salon can tolerate shades from the darker color spectrum. In collaboration with graduate designer Martina Lehmann from Caparol Color Design Studio, Feldmann selected unusually gray shades. These vary from room to room in slight gradations. The rooms are kept a little brighter without direct daylight. However, all areas have in common the anthracite gray, color-matched floor - some tiles, some vinyl. The overall muted, reserved color gives the salon a calm, fine atmosphere.

"The unusually dark colors make both the customers and the colored products shine," explains Martina Lehmann. This arises from the chromatic and achromatic contrast as well as the quantity contrast, which creates a fascinating tension here. The viewer's eyes are involuntarily drawn to the extensive beauty range, because the colored products stand out particularly prominently in the dark environment.

Concept perfectly implemented

Each functional area has a unique color, which means that walls, ceilings and fixtures appear in the same color. That was a challenge, as color deviations cannot always be ruled out for wall and lacquer colors.

But the result was successful; the craftsman implemented the concept perfectly. Anthracite tones dominate in the hairdressing area, it is a greenish gray in the Beauty salesroom, and the fashion boutique stands out from the other rooms with a veiled rose.

The walls are all painted in a high-quality, durable color that also prevents the dreaded writing effect. This aspect was important because in high-traffic areas, light traces on dark wall surfaces can be observed quickly due to mechanical loads. A creative technique was used in the wig room, the walls are designed in a “concrete look”.

The rooms are additionally staged with different types of lighting. In the hair washing area there are spherical ceiling lights, in the wig room round, illuminated wall mirrors that give the studio depth, as well as circular ceiling lights and in the sales room for beauty products, lights from the 1970s.

"I like it when you mix old =" "and new, this creates liveliness. Everything shouldn't be uniform,”says Katja Feldmann. Based on this principle, she also selected the furniture that matches the new salon look.

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