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Swimming Pool Color

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Swimming Pool Color
Swimming Pool Color

Video: Swimming Pool Color

Video: Swimming Pool Color
Video: Swimming Pool Water Color 2023, December

Chlorinated rubber-based paints are particularly well suited for coating swimming pools.

Fountains, swimming ponds and ornamental ponds are exposed to water and chemicals such as chlorine and ozone. Outside there are also weather influences that damage the surface. If renovation work is due in the spring, the pools should therefore be given a protective coating. The swimming pool paint from Jansen is especially suitable for this. With the paint based on chlorinated rubber, the manufacturer of special painter products offers a high-quality coating for concrete, masonry and mineral element panels. Thanks to its binder base, the product is extremely water, salt water, chemical and weather resistant.

The pool color, which is available in the colors manganese blue, sea green and white, has excellent color stability. Your advantages with the coating: The coating is dust-dry after only one to two hours and can be painted over after 24 hours. The cleaned basin can be refilled after the solvents have evaporated completely - a smell test is recommended beforehand. A plus point in processing: The special varnish is slightly thixotropic, i.e. drip-inhibited, and can be applied without a trace due to its good flow.

Fading of color

"Sunshine, chlorinated and ozonized water make the outer edges of colored swimming pools and the like fade faster," says Jansen's application engineer, Norbert Frenken, and gives the tip for the renovation: "If you want to counteract this, go for the color shade white, because this makes the color difference visually imperceptible to the rest of the pool.”In addition to the protective aspect, the chlorinated rubber coating also provides decorative surfaces.

The previous coat can dissolve and dissolve by repeating the same area several times. To avoid this, you have to work quickly. Frenken advises: “If the surface is already coated, the painter should check which coating was previously used. Only chlorinated rubber paints can be painted over again with chlorinated rubber paints. To be sure, the dissolving behavior of the old coating is tested with the Jansen special thinner. If the layer comes off a few seconds later, this indicates a coating with a different binder base. In addition, limescale deposits must be removed completely before using a citric acid coating.”

The swimming pool paint based on chlorinated rubber protects swimming pools etc. against chemical pollution.

Source: Jansen