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The manufacturer Jansen has given its patented spatula "Ahrweilit" an improved formulation:

The product for large-scale indoor applications is now even easier to process. Accelerated drying, crack-free processing of the painter's filler up to a layer thickness of 0.8 millimeters, a high degree of whiteness and an excellent level of painting characterize the special product.

The company's Feinspachtel Rapid is suitable for filling on primed wood indoors, plaster, concrete and on primed iron. Good filling and rust-inhibiting thanks to a special formulation, the quick-drying dispersion filler can be applied to one another several times in a short time on small areas.

With the 2K-PE fine filler, Jansen has launched a product specially developed for the various repair work in the painting and carpentry trade as well as for car repairs.

The 2K-PE fine filler on a polyester basis is ideal for filling deep holes and for repairing broken-out corners made of wood indoors, natural stones or primed metals also outdoors.

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