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Hatching Tape

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Hatching Tape
Hatching Tape

Video: Hatching Tape

Video: Hatching Tape
Video: 1. Neve Tutorial - To tape / from tape signalflow 2023, November

Jansen, expert for specialty painter products, and Schablo-HE-Design have jointly developed a new hatching tape.

Jansen and the stencil manufacturer Schablo-HE-Design are working together: In order to apply contrast colors quickly, permanently and inexpensively, both manufacturers have developed a new hatching tape. In combination with the Jansen marking paints, it is ideally suited for the permanent marking of safety lines in workshops and warehouses, technical rooms as well as on land and water vehicles. The hatching tape is produced by Schablo-HE-Design and is available from the painters wholesale.

The hatching tape, which is suitable for outside and inside, can be processed without any problems on concrete, screed, composite stones, asphalt floors, floor coatings, steel and iron surfaces, painting-typical substrates and firmly adhering old coatings.

that's how it works

Before applying, clean the surface thoroughly, paint, roll or spray the surface color. After drying, put on the hatching tape with the adhesive side, apply the contrasting color with the roller or the marking spray, then remove the tape. To make work even easier for the craftsman, Jansen's off-road marking trolley with the line marking spray is ideal for applying the background color and the contrasting color. For painting and rolling, the manufacturer recommends its road marking paint for outdoors and the marking or 2K marking paint for inside and outside.

Application made easy: background and contrast colors can be applied quickly and easily with hatching tape and Jansens marking colors.

Source: PA Jansen