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Metallic Effect Paints

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Metallic Effect Paints
Metallic Effect Paints

Video: Metallic Effect Paints

Video: Metallic Effect Paints
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Effective paints for inside and outside underline the character of iron and steel parts.

To emphasize the character of iron and steel parts such as balcony and stair railings, gates or fences, metallic effect paints are particularly suitable. The manufacturer Jansen offers an extensive range for this. The copper, silver and gold lacquers, aqua metal decor and the brushable matt black lacquer are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Forged matt lacquer for decorative iron shine

The special painter product is available in black, anthracite with iron mica and graphite black and can be brushed on the latter. “By brushing the last coat of paint with a natural or brass brush, the mica particles that are in the paint surface are brushed bright and begin to glitter in the sunlight. This creates a very lively look and supports the character of art-forged iron,”explains Jansens application engineer Norbert Frenken. Other properties of the art forge matt varnish: It has an excellent surface hardness, is rust-proof and has good adhesive strength. In addition, the product can also be patinated with silver paint. The alkyd resin varnish is dust-dry after two to three hours and dried completely after 24 hours.

Weatherproof paint for iron and steel

Gold, silver or copper lacquers from Jansen are also suitable for patinating lacquered wrought iron. They are rust-proof, metallic and silky shiny. The paint is dry to the touch after only six to eight hours and can be painted over after 24 hours. The pigment bases brass powder and real copper pigment of gold and copper lacquer provide a natural darkening in different weather conditions.

Aqua metal decor - low pollutant and water-based

Decorative coatings on a wide variety of substrates such as wood, styrofoam, iron, fiberglass and paper embossed wallpaper, zinc, plaster, cement or hard plastic are available to the craftsman with Jansen Aqua metal decor. The quick-drying metallic effect lacquer based on acrylate is low in pollutants and odors, block-resistant and does not yellow. The special painter product can also be mixed in many shades. It is available as standard in silver RAL 9006, gold and copper. The coating is dust-dry after approx. 30 to 60 minutes and fully loadable after three days.

The weatherproof metallic effect paints from Jansen support the character of art-forged iron and protect against rust. Used here: Jansen gold lacquer.

Source: Jansen