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Coat Metal Roofs

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Coat Metal Roofs
Coat Metal Roofs

The Aqua tin roof paint from Jansen is suitable as a highly elastic coating system for metal roofs.

Metal roof surfaces are not only an inexpensive alternative to conventional tiled roofs, they are also considered to be particularly robust and long-lasting. If the tooth of time gnaws on it over the years, it needs renovation. Different weather influences, such as rain, sun, hail, frost, etc., damage the surface of the metal plates. The consequences are degradation of the coating and corrosion damage. The renovation solution: Jansen's thick-layered aqua tin roof paint with active corrosion protection pigments. The new special painter product is suitable as a new or renovation coating on substrates made of iron, galvanized iron, steel, zinc sheet, non-anodized aluminum, lead or firmly adhering old coatings.

To save craftsmen from renovating work, the one-pot system is a top and top coating in one. An additional primer or rust protection is not necessary. The water-based coating based on special polymers is extremely elastic (up to 200 percent), quick-drying and resistant to many chemicals.

Special coating ensures long-term protection

The composition of the aqua tin roof paint ensures long-term protection of the metal roofs after a new or renovation coat. In addition, the special paint is highly abrasion-resistant, impact and shock-resistant, color-stable and low-emission. It contains only ten grams of solvent per liter. Other product properties: It is thixotropic, therefore it does not run off on vertical surfaces and remains well on edges.

The composition of the aqua tin roof paint ensures long-term protection of the metal roofs after a new or renovation coat.

Application tip for spraying

For brushing, rolling and spraying, Jansens application engineer Norbert Frenken recommends applying the product undiluted. In order to be able to process our roof coating system efficiently, an airless spraying device with a pressure capacity of at least 230 bar should be equipped as follows: with an intake system so that the processor can work directly from the container, a 30 meter high-pressure hose to the gun and with a 45 or 60 centimeter long nozzle extension for an ergonomic posture during the spraying process,”advises Frenken.

After application, the sheet metal roof paint is dust-dry after 90 minutes and can be painted over after 24 hours. The product is available in 5 and 15 liter containers. In addition to the four standard colors of pebble gray RAL 7032, Berchtesgadener green, English red and gray white RAL 9002, other special colors from 200 liters are available on request.

The thick-layered Aqua tin roof paint from Jansen Primer and Top Coating can be used on different metal surfaces in one.

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