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Clean Floor With Braking Power

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Clean Floor With Braking Power
Clean Floor With Braking Power

Video: Clean Floor With Braking Power

Video: Clean Floor With Braking Power
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Whether on ice and snow-slick surfaces, on damp floors, sidewalks and stairs - potential slide traps lurk everywhere.

In addition to a lack of attention and insufficient labeling, structural defects or the nature of the floor can lead to slipping accidents. In order to prevent dangers caused by material or surface structure, so-called grip agents can be mixed in the last coat of the respective floor coating. Such slip resistance is mandatory on numerous floors, especially in commercial or public areas. When using products from the Jansen flooring range, such as the Aqua 2-component floor seal, the desired slip resistance class can be achieved by adding the new Jansen Additive R, thus increasing the surefootedness.

To achieve a slip resistance class according to DIN 51130, additive R is added to the Aqua 2K floor seal (R11), Aqua floor paint (R10), acrylic wood seal (R10) and the 2K marking paint (R11). The powdery anti-skid agent is only stirred into the last coat. In order to obtain a homogeneous surface, the application quantity per square meter must be observed.

First seal the floor, then increase sure-footedness

With its range of floors, consisting of primer, coating and additive, manufacturer Jansen offers a system that is optimally coordinated. Aqua 2K floor seal is ideal for coating garage floors, floors in hobby and cellar rooms or in warehouses. It has been tested in accordance with the assessment scheme of the Committee for Health Assessment of Construction Products (AgBB). This method demonstrates that only minimal amounts of volatile organic compounds emit from the paint. The low-odor, water-based epoxy paint is extremely hard-wearing and resistant to petrol, motor oil and road salt. It is also migration-resistant and plasticizer-free, meaning it is insensitive to the components of car tires and plastics. A particular plus for the processor is the recognizable pot life of two hours. It shows the painter that the paint material can be processed perfectly during this time. The special painter product is available in the three standard colors RAL 7030 stone gray, RAL 7032 pebble gray and white as well as in 20 pastel colors ex works.

In conjunction with Jansen Additiv R, the Aqua 2-component floor seal was tested in accordance with the applicable workplace ordinance BGR 181 (floors in work rooms and work areas with risk of slipping) and DIN 51130 (testing slip resistance) for slip resistance class 11. The surface appearance is only slightly changed by adding the anti-skid agent to the top coating. There are 500 grams of additive per 5 kilograms of Aqua 2K floor seal. Additive R leads to increased surefootedness without the floors being prone to increased pollution. They are still easy to clean.

Jansen Aqua 2-component floor seal: The coating improves the mechanical strength of industrial floors and prevents oil or grease from penetrating into the substrate.

Photos: PA Jansen GmbH u. Co., KG

Source: www.jansen.de