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Lay Tiles With A Brush

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Lay Tiles With A Brush
Lay Tiles With A Brush

Video: Lay Tiles With A Brush

Video: Lay Tiles With A Brush
Video: How To Tile Over Tile 2023, April

To make work easier, the special product combines base and top coating in one.

With the Aqua wall tile lacquer, Jansen offers a water-based problem solver. The one-pot system for ceramic substrates can be applied twice a day thanks to the quick drying time. This saves time. The ready-to-use special lacquer can be applied to matt, silk matt or glossy wall tiles and forms an extremely scratch-resistant and robust surface. For use in the wet room area and to protect the tile mirror in the kitchen, Jansen offers a seal with the transparent coating Aqua Wall Tile Lacquer Finish. It is odorless, highly abrasion-resistant, resistant to many household cleaners and available in silk matt.


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New color for the tile

In addition to the standard white silk matt finish, the one-pot system can also be tinted on the "Jansen MIX" mixer. There are 14 special pastes available for a wide range of applications. Depending on customer requirements, 40 color collections are stored in the system.

Source: Jansen

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