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Paint Nimble Doors

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Paint Nimble Doors
Paint Nimble Doors

Video: Paint Nimble Doors

Video: Paint Nimble Doors
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After just an hour, the door paint specially developed for wood and hard PVC surfaces is dry and tack-free.

Good results require good products. The painter especially knows that. It is therefore important to adapt these to the needs of the users. With the ISO-TLR door paint Rapid, Jansen has launched a product specially developed for the coating of wood and hard PVC surfaces. The paint is dry and tack-free after just one hour, and can be overpainted after four to six hours. Applying twice a day thus becomes the standard. The additional highlight: the special painter product is robust, isolates wood constituents and stains. Thanks to the optimal processing properties, the product saves time.

In addition to the ISO-HDF wood ceiling paint and ISO-WSF weather protection paint, Jansen is expanding its ISO product portfolio with that of the ISO-TLR door paint Rapid in the gloss levels silk matt and matt. The insulating white lacquer is extremely scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant. An excellent color gradient can also be seen directly, even with thinner layers.

Also important: The product used complies with the European standard EN 71, part 3. It is therefore resistant to saliva and sweat. It is also resistant to many commercially available household cleaners.

Further advantages in use: The non-yellowing special lacquer is characterized by high blocking resistance, high hiding power and very good edge coverage. In addition to the classic shade of white, the product can be tinted using the Jansen mixing system. Depending on customer requirements, 40 color collections are available.

Painter's primer for demanding paintwork

On raw wood, Jansen recommends priming with the matt, well-filling ISO painter's primer. In combination with the ISO-TLR door lacquer Rapid, wood constituents, water stains and water-soluble components are isolated from old veneers.

Source: Jansen