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Maximum Liability

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Maximum Liability
Maximum Liability

Video: Maximum Liability

Video: Maximum Liability
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With Ultra Primer, an adhesion promoter comes on the market that prepares even the most difficult substrates.

The new adhesion promoter significantly increases the adhesive forces at the contact points on the surfaces. Even critical substrates such as zinc, aluminum, hard PVC, powder or coil coating coatings are given a secure foundation with the primer. But wood or ferrous metals also benefit from the adhesive performance. Subsequent varnishes no longer come off the surface.

“You can call Ultra Primer a little stick sensation. The adhesive forces are really unique. Painters and varnishers have the certainty that their paintwork will not flake off, no matter what surface they work on,”says Frank Jakobs, Product Manager at Jansen.

The processor spreads or rolls the primer onto the surface as a primer. This is how it works directly at the interface. The primer can be painted without a trace and the course is flawless. The extreme adhesive strength and wetting also ensures very good rust protection. Therefore, Ultra Primer is also ideal as a rust protection primer. The bonding agent based on a special plastic can be reworked with all products based on alkyd resin and acrylate. Ultra Primer is available in the shades of red-brown, pebble gray, white and black.

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As a manufacturer of paints, glazes and solutions for real special applications, we have made a name for ourselves far beyond the borders of Germany for almost 140 years. The name Jansen stands for top products in the professional painter segment and is considered a pioneer in innovative technologies and ways of thinking in many areas. Listening, observing and trying out is our tool to understand problems and develop new ideas. Further information at www.jansen.de.

Source: press release 03/2018