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Wood Maintenance Oil For Exterior Woods

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Wood Maintenance Oil For Exterior Woods
Wood Maintenance Oil For Exterior Woods

Video: Wood Maintenance Oil For Exterior Woods

Video: Wood Maintenance Oil For Exterior Woods
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Jansen rounds off its wood preservation and wood finishing range with the solvent-containing larch wood oil.

Whether terrace flooring, pergola, privacy screen or garden furniture - wood outdoors is still very popular. In order for it to be fun for a long time, it must be taken care of at regular intervals. Jansen is now launching a wood care oil that is easy to work with and reliably protects against the weather and cracking.

Robust types of wood such as tropical woods or domestic species such as oak, sweet chestnut and robinia are generally used outdoors. Although these types of wood have natural protection against fungal attack and weather damage, in order to extend the lifespan of the wooden components, the wood should be treated regularly with a wood care oil that is of high quality. Jansen larch wood oil penetrates deep into the wood and cares for the wood from the inside. The paint is highly water-repellent and thus prevents moisture from penetrating into the wood, which leads to cracks. The wood keeps its fresh look.

Easy to work with

“The larch wood oil is weakly thixotropic. It can therefore be painted very well, even on vertical surfaces such as privacy screens, wooden cladding or pergolas,”says Frank Jakobs, Product Manager at Jansen. “In addition, the course is very good. Compared to a glaze, larch wood oil can be processed more easily and quickly.”This means that valuable wood components can be easily maintained and protected against signs of aging. Jansen larch wood oil is colorless, its gloss level is matt.

Thanks to the good flow, even larger wooden surfaces can be painted effortlessly.

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