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With the new Jansen precious wax, even large wooden surfaces can be refined easily and safely.

Waxing is an ancient method of giving wood a fine, natural look and protecting it from dirt. And since the dried wax is waterproof, the waxed surfaces can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Jansen Edelwachs emphasizes the natural grain of the wood and gives the material a velvety, beautiful natural sheen. The natural breathability of the natural material is preserved because the noble wax is porous. The waxed wood feels soft and grippy.

“The product was developed for the painter. Thanks to its easy processing, even larger wooden surfaces such as wooden ceilings, wooden beams or visible roof trusses can be embellished and cared for with the precious wax,”says Frank Jakobs, Product Manager at Jansen.

If the surface has become dull over time, the wood can easily be refreshed by waxing again. Jansen Edelwachs can also be painted over with other Jansen products. "The old rule 'once waxed, always waxed' no longer applies," says Frank Jakobs. In this way, users and customers retain a high degree of design flexibility.

Jansen precious wax is extremely robust for wood wax. After drying, it is waterproof and can therefore be cleaned with commercially available, non-aggressive cleaners. It is also blockproof. The product complies with DIN EN 71 part safety of toys. It is available in the colors light white, lime white, natural wood and colorless and can be tinted using Jansen Mix.

Source: Jansen