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Aqua Metal Protection 3 In 1

Aqua Metal Protection 3 In 1
Aqua Metal Protection 3 In 1

Video: Aqua Metal Protection 3 In 1

Video: Aqua Metal Protection 3 In 1
Video: Jansen Aqua Metallschutz 3 in 1 _ English version 2023, November

Jansen is presenting the innovative Aqua Metal Protection 3 in 1 at FAF 2019, a paint that will change the thinking of the industry.

In the future, the processor will no longer have to worry about how to coat which surfaces. The new paint adheres securely to all metals. With the high-quality supplementary products, the planning and execution of metal coatings is even easier and more economical.

"New raw materials enable us to develop pioneering metal protection," says Heinrich Krebsbach, Head of Research and Development at Jansen. "We were able to solve three challenges:

  1. An identical surface quality, regardless of whether the paint is painted, rolled or sprayed.
  2. Increased corrosion protection through special additives and new pigments.
  3. And a strong adherence. Even factory-coated powder coatings can now be painted over without additional 2-pack primer.”

Powder-coated metals are considered problematic substrates. Many powder coating formulations have waxes added to them that reduce adhesion. In addition, the surface structure of powder coatings is extremely smooth due to the high cross-linking density. Aqua Metallschutz 3 in 1 also adheres securely to such substrates. "Especially with metal doors, garage doors or facades that have been delivered pre-coated, the 1-component Aqua Metal Protection 3 in 1 offers the painter unbeatable advantages," says Frank Jakobs, Product Manager at Jansen.

The substrate is perfectly pre-treated with the metal cleaner for the subsequent lacquering. It not only cleans metal surfaces from oils, greases and soot, but also acts as a lye on coil coatings and powder coatings. This significantly improves the liability for subsequent coats.

The coating and spray quality can be adjusted using two additives, Additive A and Additive SRS. With these, the painter sets the paint for the respective application process. In addition, the two additives improve the end result by extending the open time, improving the flow and increasing the stability on vertical surfaces.

A top coat varnish rounds off the system. It makes surfaces coated with iron mica smoother and therefore easier to clean. The mica effect and the surface are protected against wear and sweat. Surfaces that are often touched, such as railings and handrails, benefit from the paint.

At FAF 2019, painters and dealers can get an idea of the innovative metal protection themselves. Jansen's application technicians Norbert Frenken and Dirk Richter demonstrate the product properties of the new paint using wet samples and numerous test areas.