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Triple Magnetic: Plates, Fleece And Color

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Triple Magnetic: Plates, Fleece And Color
Triple Magnetic: Plates, Fleece And Color

Video: Triple Magnetic: Plates, Fleece And Color

Video: Triple Magnetic: Plates, Fleece And Color
Video: How To Make Magnetic Number Plates & 4D plates install 2023, December

Functional walls are still in trend - like magnetic surfaces. Whether commercially in the office, in meeting rooms and production halls or privately in children's rooms, hallways, the kitchen and in the home office, the requirements for the magnetic surfaces are very different. They range from attaching a few DIN A6 notes to attaching large construction drawings and construction plans. Jansen has set up its office program so that it offers the right magnetic product for every purpose. The Jansen "Magnet" range consists of the classic Aqua magnetic paint, a magnetic fleece and magnetic plates made of thin sheet metal.

When choosing the magnetic functional surface, the first questions for the customer in future will be: For what purpose do you want to use the magnetic wall? How many and which papers would you like to stick to the wall?”The painter chooses the product according to the answer.

Creative children's room

Jansen Aqua magnetic paint is ideal for the private area, for example to hang up notes in the hallway or to transform children's rooms into creative areas. Up to seven sheets of A4 paper (80 g) stick with the corresponding magnets. This corresponds to an adhesive force of 35 grams. If the magnetic paint is coated with the Jansen Aqua 2K whiteboard paint, the adhesive force is reduced to four sheets of paper.

Magnetic fleece for home and office

The magnetic fleece has a stronger adhesive force. Between 7 and 11 sheets hold on the fleece, depending on which coating is chosen. The adhesive force is completely sufficient for most private and office applications.

Jansen magnetic disks

If a particularly high adhesive force is required, for example in architectural offices or construction halls, the use of Jansen magnetic plates is recommended. Up to 24 A4 sheets adhere to the very thin, railless plates, which corresponds to 120 grams of paper or three DIN A1 sheets lying on top of each other. The 50 x 50 cm panels are attached seamlessly with dispersion adhesive.

All products can be reworked with other functional colors such as the Jansen Aqua 2K whiteboard paint or the Jansen school blackboard paint as well as with commercially available emulsion paints and varnishes.

To ensure the desired adhesive force, Jansen now also offers the right magnets that are precisely matched to the three magnetic products.

An overview of the adhesive force of the "Magnet" range in combination with the coatings can be found in the competence brochure "Office Color". It can be ordered or downloaded from www.jansen.de.