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Time-saving Wood Barrier Paint

Time-saving Wood Barrier Paint
Time-saving Wood Barrier Paint

Primer - barrier effect - top coat: three properties in one product help to save time.

With the new, water-thinnable Kronen® insulating and top paint for wood, the Möglingen-based specialty manufacturer JAEGER Lacke is launching a time-saving 3-in-1 wood barrier paint that is ideal for coating and renovating wooden ceilings and panels. Thanks to the high hiding power, excellent whiteness and accelerated drying - the first coat can be reworked after 4 hours - larger areas can be completed in one day.

The innovative recipe was formulated without plasticizers and aromatics, so the novelty is even approved for coating children's toys. In addition to all types of wood, layer-glued woods and exotic woods, MDF, OSB, plywood, chipboard and hardboard and even polystyrene are suitable as substrates. The insulating and top color is available in two container sizes and in gloss and matt and satin gloss. The paint can also be tinted in pastel colors using common color concentrates.

Further information: www.jaegerlacke.de

The ceiling before painting.

The ceiling after painting.

Source: JAEGER