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Barrier Paint

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Barrier Paint
Barrier Paint

The new barrier paint combines excellent insulating properties with protection against mold.

Increase in barrier paint for mold remediation

With the function of mold prevention and the possibility of tinting, the shut-off paint crown Aqua Renofix anti-mold 327 from Jaeger Lacke combines functionality and aesthetics. The white, quick-drying, water-thinnable barrier paint for interiors with film protection against destruction by mold was developed on a water basis and is particularly suitable for mold infestation due to thermal bridges and usage-related misconduct. After eliminating the cause and disinfecting with the system product Crown Mold Remover 427, this 2-in-1 system is used.

Additional advantages for the universal use of crowns Aqua Renofix anti-mold 327 are the particularly quick drying, the suitability for many substrates, including polystyrene and the possibility of tinting with common color concentrates. For more information, please visit: www.jaegerlacke.de

Source: Malerblatt 09/2014