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Creative Wall Design

Creative Wall Design
Creative Wall Design

Video: Creative Wall Design

Video: Creative Wall Design
Video: 100 Wooden wall decorating ideas for living room interior wall design 2021 2023, April

There's no question about it: creative wall designs are trendy - colors, structures and effects are in demand.

With modern materials, attractive surfaces in Mediterranean design can now be designed more rationally.

Jaeger recently presented the new vintage look in shabby chic. With the products Epoca marble and Fresco Veneziano, the effective rustic technology can be conjured up on the wall in just a few steps.

The lime pressing technology offers an attractive additional benefit: mold prevention. The high proportion of hydrated lime in the paint absorbs the moisture and releases it only slowly. Ideally suited for bathroom renovation.

With the Jaeger creative range "Villa Venezia", the manufacturer offers healthy lime products, Italian marble techniques, attractive surface finishes with glaze or wax and a wide range of colors for creative wall design. It can also be used to transform exposed wall surfaces in your home or representative rooms in your company into a work of art.

On the Jaeger creative theme page, you will learn how to imitate historical models in just a few steps or how to use the same products to create very modern, trendy accents. Step by step instructions describe in detail how filler techniques or lime pressing techniques are carried out, which work steps belong to the smoothing technique and how lime plaster and lime paint have a positive effect on the living environment. Furthermore, Jaegerlacke presents products with which you can easily bring the appearance of sandstone and valuable travertine to the wall. And you will learn how easy it is to achieve modern techniques such as wood optics and concrete optics, or to set noble metal accents with the metallic wall paint.

In the user videos, Jaegerlacke shows step by step how the individual effects are achieved.

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