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Jaeger Marking Colors

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Jaeger Marking Colors
Jaeger Marking Colors

Video: Jaeger Marking Colors

Video: Jaeger Marking Colors
Video: Getting Started with Jaeger - Joe Elliott, Grafana Labs 2023, December

Start of the season for marking paints. Even if it is only mathematically small areas, markings are everywhere. They are important and are even required by law in many areas. It is therefore worth taking a closer look at this market niche at the start of the season

The best way to approach the topic of markings is to take a day or two to see where they can be found everywhere. Of course on streets and paths, in parking lots, in multi-storey car parks and underground car parks, but also in production and storage halls, in schoolyards and not least at airfields. These are not just lines and path markings, many symbols also ensure clarity and thus more safety.

Marking colors in industrial and warehouse halls

Industrial markings in warehouses and production halls must be wear-resistant and resistant to plasticizers. This is the only way to ensure a long-lasting coating. Markings are mainly carried out in yellow because the color yellow stands for safety marking.

Marking colors for car parks and underground car parks

Well-thought-out and clearly visible marking is particularly important in confined spaces. The marking of parking space numbers, disabled parking spaces or mother and child parking spaces must be taken into account in underground and multi-storey car parks.

Important: The indoor cleaning has no cleaning effect due to weathering. Here it is advantageous to use materials with a varnish-like surface. These are less susceptible to contamination and are also easy to clean.

Tip: Do not use road marking paints in the covered part, they have a surface that is too rough and get dirty too quickly.

Marking colors for streets, parking lots and airfields

Marking paints for outdoors are characterized by high weather resistance. The range in this area includes signal-colored, reflective and long afterglow markings. There are also stable and reusable stencils for the exact application of numbers, symbols and signs.

Tip: A neat, clearly marked parking space is the first impression that a potential customer receives from the company. Perhaps one or the other additional order can be generated with this argument!