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Brandenburg Station

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Brandenburg Station
Brandenburg Station

Video: Brandenburg Station

Video: Brandenburg Station
Video: Berlin. Berlin HBF to Brandenburg Gate. 06.04.19 2023, December

For reasons of hygiene, a rehabilitation center was renovated with antimicrobial interior paints.

The Johanniter religious houses in Bad Oeynhausen are a rehabilitation center with an AHB and day clinic. Patients with neurological, orthopedic and geriatric diseases are treated and cared for here; 255 beds are available in the inpatient area. There are also 30 places for outpatient / semi-inpatient rehabilitation for patients within a radius of approx. 25 kilometers.

The patient room as well as the corridor and lounge area of the neurological early rehabilitation station in Brandenburg have now been newly coated with the innovative dispersion ZERO HealthTec. This interior paint combines simple processing and low acquisition costs with an efficient antimicrobial activity against pathogens (also MRSA). The antimicrobial activity in the coating film ensures permanent hospital hygiene on the wall for only about 8 cents / m² extra work (especially important in the area of handrails).

Britta Bültemeier, hygiene specialist in the clinic, emphasizes: “It is very important to us to minimize the risk of infection for patients, employees and visitors effectively. That is why the wall coating with an antimicrobial interior color like ZERO HealthTec is an important building block in our comprehensive hygiene concept.”

The clinic was concerned with a calm, unexcited accentuation of the spatial impression over colored areas - the large areas in light tones, the small ones in stronger colors. The color selection itself was based on the existing furniture.


Brandenburg station

Johanniter-Ordenshäuser gemGmbH

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Johanniter-Ordenshäuser gemGmbH

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