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Algae And Mushrooms - Zero

Algae And Mushrooms - Zero
Algae And Mushrooms - Zero

Video: Algae And Mushrooms - Zero

Video: Algae And Mushrooms - Zero
Video: Algae and Mushrooms and Pineapples, Oh My! Bioutilization in Action 2023, December

Marcel Philipp, ETICS expert at ZERO Application Technology ZERO-LACK GmbH & Co. KG, on algae and fungi on the facade.

The topic of "algae and fungi" is a long-running topic and is not limited to ETICS facades. In order to minimize the risk of microbial infestation on facades, we recommend using coating material that is fungicidal and algicidal. However, there can be no guarantee of permanent freedom from algae and fungi, since many factors - such as the location of the buildings, plantings, unfavorable weather conditions, shading, insufficient roof overhangs, unfavorable structural measures, etc. - increase the possibility of an infestation. Additional measures - such as installing a facade heater or regular cleaning of the surfaces - are increasingly being discussed and also tested.

Novel products that keep the coated facade surface free from longer moisture loads are also currently being tested; however, they will not replace professional advice. The end customer should always be advised that the possibility of a microbiological attack continues.

Successful renovation and coating of facades depends on many factors. Because building exterior surfaces can consist of mineral plastering, facing bricks, ETICS systems, metal plates or wooden components. You encounter new, old, uncoated or coated substrates.

Due to the use of coating materials or systems, individually desired decorative designs or necessary renovation measures. The possible damage pattern also contributes to the selection of the coating systems. It must also be taken into account how economical a renovation should be. The technical requirements for a facade coating are extremely diverse. In addition to good weather resistance, low water absorption, low permeability to sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide, protection against growth, alkali resistance, permeability to water vapor, crack bridging and good adhesion to the subsurface should be ensured. The durability of the coating also depends on the local conditions and climatic influences.

Since some of these requirements are contradictory, it turns out that not all requirements can be met with one coating system! ZERO-LACK therefore offers special systems that are tailored to the various requirements - and draws up object-related performance descriptions or special color suggestions via our own field service consultants.

Marcel Philipp

On Salzuflener Straße in Vlotho, a new residential and commercial building has been completed with great attention to detail. ZERO-LACK products were used throughout from the insulation board to the top coat: the K 035 polystyrene boards were bonded with the mineral adhesive and reinforcing mortar ZEROTHERM 300. The subsequent tissue embedding was also carried out with this mortar. The mineral base plaster and the top coat with the matt, weatherproof silicone paint "ZERO facade 95" complete the facade structure. The colored accents in the company-specific shades of orange and turquoise are particularly beautiful. True to the motto "less is more", a minimalism in color design is emerging. In Germany, this is often associated with the Bauhaus style - with its very clear and simple design language. The new, totally abstract approach is based on the variation of a few elementary design principles (horizontal / vertical, large / small, light / dark and the basic colors). This means a reduction to the three primary colors red, yellow and blue and the “non-colors” black, gray and white. The idea behind this way of designing is an absolute pursuit of harmony, generated by abstract means and compositions, completely free of connections with objects of the external world. The brand-new commercial building was designed according to these principles. A modern cube, large window areas in the entrance and stairwell area, anthracite-colored windows and doors. "And there should be a little moremaybe a few rectangles and squares, in our company colors”- said the two brothers of the long-established painting company. Horizontal and vertical black lines connect the window elements and doors and form rectangles and squares that are highlighted in the company colors turquoise and orange. The building corners are highlighted by the large glass element and emphasized by a colored corner design on the other side. The building corners are highlighted by the large glass element and emphasized by a colored corner design on the other side. The building corners are highlighted by the large glass element and emphasized by a colored corner design on the other side.

A “eye-catcher” multi-family house with approx. 800 m² facade area in Bad Harzburg is unique: ZERO RenoTop Housepaint was used here in several attractive tints. The property had previously been made wind and weatherproof with a ZEROTHERM ETICS. The design project in collaboration with the Berlin facade artist Oliver Kray provided a lot of conversation and a lot of attention on site. ZERO RenoTop Housepaint is a silky matt, highly elastic multifunctional color (pure acrylate) with an active effect against algae and fungi. The absolutely cheap consumption of only 120 ml / m² makes ZERO RenoTop Housepaint particularly efficient.

En vogue is currently also an anthracite gray (RAL 7016) on facade surfaces. This works reliably but only with the most modern products and pigments that paint manufacturers have available today.

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