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MANUFACTURER INFO. Strong Double: Primer And Coating

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MANUFACTURER INFO. Strong Double: Primer And Coating
MANUFACTURER INFO. Strong Double: Primer And Coating

Video: MANUFACTURER INFO. Strong Double: Primer And Coating

Video: MANUFACTURER INFO. Strong Double: Primer And Coating
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Fiber-reinforced intermediate coating and breathable silicone resin paint with a real clean effect: In this ideal combination, system quality is easy to have on the facade! A good reason for the ultimate protection on exterior walls.

ZERO RenoTec quartz base

is a crack-muddy, very well filling and structurable synthetic resin dispersion according to DIN 55945. Excellent for reworking plaster surfaces and old, stable dispersion coatings. It promotes adhesion on smooth surfaces, is water vapor diffusible, water dilutable, low odor, solvent and plasticizer free. When applying rolls, the material should be distributed evenly over the surface; Cross-sizing is therefore recommended for the usual upward and downward order. In the case of intense colors, roller marks or the application of material on the surface can otherwise become visible. On cracked plaster substrates with a rough surface structure, such as

3 mm grain, up to two coats may be necessary. This must then be planned in. Exact consumption values are to be determined on the object using test areas. RenoTec Quarzgrund must always be revised in terms of painting technology, the material is set ready for processing.

ZERO Siliconit RenoTec

is a matt, weatherproof facade paint with an active effect against algae and fungi. Due to the water-repellent siliconization, the tendency to contamination is low.

The algicidal and fungicidal setting at the factory guarantees that microbiological growth is largely prevented. The low water absorption prevents the wall formers from getting wet, and the good sd value ensures that water vapor can always escape. Siliconit RenoTec is tested according to DIN EN 1062-1 (G3 / E3 / S1 / V1 / W3). Due to the binding agent and filler combination, raindrops are drained off, dew and fog moisture are absorbed from the surface and released again later. This keeps the surface dry longer and the coated facade clean longer.

Product characteristics

Ideal in system use:

Leveling, fiber-reinforced coating fleece

Makes cracks invisible

For outside and inside

Silicone resin paint with high color stability

Particularly permeable to water vapor (V1)

Dirt and dust are through

Rain washed off