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Resol Rigid Foam Insulation Board

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Resol Rigid Foam Insulation Board
Resol Rigid Foam Insulation Board

Video: Resol Rigid Foam Insulation Board

Video: Resol Rigid Foam Insulation Board
Video: R-30 + Foam board insulation update 2023, December

Resol hard foam insulation boards enable slimmer wall structures with the same insulation value.

For developers who want to renovate, the use of such an insulation system has several advantages. Most builders now understand that thermal insulation makes sense. Nevertheless, many still shy away from installing a thermal insulation composite system. After all, it is usually not enough to simply glue the panels and plaster them again. The roof overhangs are no longer sufficient to achieve the required insulation value with conventional insulation materials and the window sills are also too short. Some insulation measures also fail because the prescribed distance to the neighboring property can no longer be maintained. And for some builders, the space on their terrace or balcony is too precious to be transferred to an ETICS. Still others want to avoidthat their window openings become deep embrasures and the character of the facade is completely changed.

Wherever a slim design is necessary or desired, a thermal insulation composite system with resole hard foam panels is ideal. With an insulation thickness of 80 millimeters, these panels of the heat conduction group 022 already have the same insulation value as an EPS insulation panel of the heat conduction group 032, which is 120 millimeters thick (this type of panel is currently used most frequently). This means that a third of the insulation thickness can be saved. The table opposite shows how seriously the insulation thicknesses differ from insulation materials from different heat-conducting groups if the same U-value is to be achieved.

Innovative insulation material

Resol rigid foam is a thermosetting plastic that mainly consists of bakelite. Bakelite, on the other hand, is a fully synthetic plastic based on phenolic resin, which is very resistant. Bakelite is mainly used today where there are high mechanical but also thermal stresses, such as on printed circuit boards or brake pads. The material is 100 percent CFC and HCFC free. The high insulation performance of Resol rigid foam panels can be explained by the closed cell structure of the material.

The robust and homogeneous structure of the material also offers other advantages. In addition to its extreme durability, Resol has good fire protection (building material class B1). You can do without the fire bars common to conventional insulation materials with insulation thicknesses of more than 100 millimeters, since the material is glowing-resistant and does not drip.

Resol hard foam panels have a closed cell structure, which is responsible for the high insulation performance and high resistance.

Slim in the system

Resol rigid foam panels are basically processed like conventional insulation panels. The plate, which is laminated on both sides with fleece, can be easily processed with a mineral wool cutter. The adhesive is applied using the point-bead method (adhesive contact at least 60 percent) with a mineral mortar, which is also used for reinforcement with fabric embedding. Due to the fleece lamination, the insulation boards cannot be sanded, which is why care must be taken to ensure that the surface is as flat as possible. In order to keep the entire system slim, both the associated adhesive and reinforcement mortar and the pasty top coat are thin-layer products.

The Resol hard foam sheet is available in thicknesses from 20 to 120 millimeters with blunt edge formation. The 140, 160, 180 and 200 millimeter thick panels are supplied with a step rebate to facilitate flat installation.

Thanks to the innovative insulation system, almost all components can now be brought up to the level required by the Energy Saving Ordinance - and in many cases without great renovation measures or loss of the building characteristics.

The graphic shows the areas of application and advantages of a resol foam insulation board using the example of the "XS 022" insulation board from Baumit. Images: Baumit

Susanne Sachsenmaier-Wahl

Source: Malerblatt 03/2010