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Creative With Plaster

Creative With Plaster
Creative With Plaster

Video: Creative With Plaster

Video: Creative With Plaster
Video: Фактура - диагональ (креативные штукатурки). Texture - diagonal (creative plaster). 2023, December

The individual appearance of the facade and the room depends on the color and structure.

With materials, structures and colors it is possible to create unique pieces and individual surfaces that express the personal style of the residents.

The cheaper, the more successful? "Stinginess is cool" mentality? This business principle should be outdated a long time ago. Because a low price often associates lower quality. However, customer loyalty is achieved through a constant quality standard. We need a "mission" and not a bargain mentality.

Colors express feelings and style. With colors you can show who you are, how you live and what your aspirations are.

Creative craftsmen can transform walls on the facade or inside into huge canvases. Square meter by square, these offer space for the creativity and design options of the executor, with color and structure. Creative wall design is trendy and can sometimes be very simple. Exciting colors and individual designs quickly conjure up a new mood and eye-catchers that inspire. The craftsman can set himself apart from his competitors with his craft skills (out of comparability and price spiral).

The alternation of structured and smooth surfaces creates interesting plays of light and shadow.

Wind and weather, UV radiation and pollution, age and wear and tear: the facade of a house has to withstand a variety of loads and yet it should look good and unique for as long as possible. The latter of course also applies to the entree of the house and to individually designed rooms. People love colors because they show feelings and style. With shades of color you can say who you are, how you live and what your residents' expectations are.

Conventional plaster - unconventional application: this surface is anything but boring

Which tools are preferred? Here, too, the possibilities are unlimited. Everything is possible, from the wire rack to toothed trowels to the wire broom, to name just a few. Old tools and techniques are experiencing a renaissance here, as they did centuries ago. The brush technique as a partial surface in strong colors, in contrast to a smooth plaster surface, also conjures up beautiful color and shadow effects on the wall. A high-quality plaster that is partially smoothed with a Venetian smoothing trowel, in combination with the traditional processing, results in a creative surface. Lively structured surfaces in fine or coarse grain - with the right tools, a unique surface is created. And another thing: Such techniques not only facilitate the calculation, but also the quality of execution.

People love colors because they show feelings and style.

Stephanie Werf, Baumit Photos: Baumit Source: Malerblatt 03/2013 Techniques from the “Eigenbau” brand make calculation as easy as the quality of the work.