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Baumit Climatic Lime Plasters

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Baumit Climatic Lime Plasters
Baumit Climatic Lime Plasters

Video: Baumit Climatic Lime Plasters

Video: Baumit Climatic Lime Plasters
Video: Repairing my kitchen wall using lime plaster for the first time. 2023, December

Due to the increased requirements for energy saving, the building envelope is becoming increasingly airtight.

The exchange with the outside air (the air exchange rate) is often up to 10 times lower than in old buildings. Possible consequences: malaise, irritation of the respiratory tract and mucous membranes as well as an increase in allergies. The best way to live healthy is therefore not to bring pollutants into the building at all.

Well-being through tested products

Plaster: a building material that is often underestimated, sometimes only dismissed as a mere design matter. Once on the wall, it usually stays there for the entire life of the building and makes a significant contribution to the indoor climate.

NEW: Baumit KlimaLeicht - higher productivity

It is a particularly productive, fully mineral machine plaster for indoor use. It can be processed quickly and easily by machine. With a grain size of 1 mm, the product ensures a fine felted surface.

Baumit KlimaDekor - special look

The easy and quick to apply thin-layer top coat - offers the advantages of a mineral top coat in a pasty delivery form. Available in 3 grits in white and in around 150 pastel shades from the Baumit Life color range.

Baumit KlimaSpeed - very easy to felt

A lime plaster of the modern generation in lime plaster processing, even under time pressure. The product can be processed efficiently.

Easy processing

Baumit offers some healthy living products that can be processed mechanically and thus particularly efficiently, saving time and money. Compensation of the suction behavior by two-coat plaster application wet in wet. In addition to more - over 50 Baumit products successfully tested at the eco-Institute in Cologne - these plasters are the right products for all those who prefer natural building materials.

Information at www.baumit.de