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Design Competition "Masters In Form And Color"

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Design Competition "Masters In Form And Color"
Design Competition "Masters In Form And Color"

Video: Design Competition "Masters In Form And Color"

Video: Design Competition "Masters In Form And Color"
Video: A' Design Award & Competition - Gala Night 2018 - 2019 2023, December

At the “Masters in Form and Color 2018” exhibition at the regional council in Karlsruhe, the newly minted masters again impressed with creativity, diligence and skill.

Author / Photos: Susanne Wierse

Anyone who visits the exhibition of the design competition "Masters in Form and Color 2018" will feel that craftsmanship in the most original sense was performed here. Many works show the way from free experiment to the finished surface and thus prove the creative skills of the young craftsmen. "Courageous, refreshing, solid, also lively, colorful and varied, always successful and masterful": the Karlsruhe Regional Council attributed these attributes to the objects on the invitation card for the opening event. And the visitors were not disappointed. The 30 best master exam papers 2017 from the master schools Karlsruhe, Lahr, Mosbach, Reutlingen,Ulm and the three master schools from Stuttgart cover a wide range of topics - from the lounge to a beekeeping - and show individual, convincing craftsmanship and exciting colors such as lacquer and gilding techniques, wood and leather imitations, tear lacquer techniques and much more.

Government Vice President Gabriela Mühlstädt-Grimm pointed out at the beginning of the opening event attended by over 200 guests that Baden-Württemberg's economic strength was not created and secured by academics alone: “We also need people who can create and do something with their hands. “She described the exhibition as“aesthetic enjoyment”and certified the work“the highest level with fascinating charisma”.

With an appeal to self-confidence, to tackle the craft and to turn away from "general whining and nagging", the regional guild master of painting and varnishing craft, Thomas Schiek (Urbach), made the around 30 newly minted masters at the exhibition "Master in shape and Color “Courage for your professional future. "We live in the best Baden-Württemberg that there can be, and our excellent companies urgently need excellent specialists: The prospects are brilliant for anyone who wants to make a difference," Schiek called for opportunities to be recognized and used.

"Masters in form and color": prices

The exhibition “Masters in Form and Color” includes a design competition. A national jury composed six times the "Award for the design achievement" of the sponsors Baumit, Brillux, Caparol, Mega and Sto as well as the special price of the "Euro Working Group Painter".

Christoph Schmid (Academy for Operations Management, Stuttgart) received the Baumit Prize for his examination work “Designing a fictional foyer in the Munich Planetarium”. He impressed the jury with his work techniques on the subject of space. For example, the structure of moon rock was picked up by a filler with cavities and grooves and further developed by applying a silver patina, the subsequent polishing of the surface and a design grid with impact metal.

Willy Quitschke (Academy for Operations Management, Stuttgart) had set himself the task of designing the reception area of the watch manufacturer Laco. To do this, he implemented the watch motif in various movement techniques. For example, with an imitation leather made of a correspondingly structured filler and color, covered with impact metal, or with the "real metal skin", made from a filler with a high metal content, which was given a metallic-looking surface through several grinding and polishing processes. Brillux was also impressed by this examination work and awarded the award for it.

Clay design plaster

Sabrina Kutzey dedicated herself to the "CupCakePoint" in Cologne's old town. The Stuttgart graduate was honored by Caparol at “Meister in Form und Farbe”. In addition to great drawing skills, Sabrina Kutzey developed the "tip" work technique. A lace fabric was stretched on the surface of a high-gloss filler and covered with gray latex plastic. After removing the tip and drying, a visually and haptically interesting surface was created.

Ina Buchfink's (Kerschensteiner Schule Reutlingen) master's thesis convinced the mega. Buchfink developed a tourism information stand on the subject of Australia. As a historical technique, she coated a three-dimensional continent replica with a clay design plaster on which the national borders and traditional signs of the indigenous people were recorded with a self-made lime casein paint. As a floor coating, she developed a technique with mineral-coated wood chips that were embedded in a 2-component epoxy resin.

It became three-dimensional at the stand of Nicholas Kölper (Color and Design School, Stuttgart). The coating techniques applied to a 3D pyramid structure were recognized by Sto. They were developed for wall surfaces in the 5-star mountain hotel "Mont Blanc". The techniques not only picked up on the Alpine motif because of the “summit-like” surface, but the surface techniques also referred to snow and stone. For example, fine silver cracks on a light gray surface are reminiscent of a freshly cracked blanket of snow.

Special price at "Meister in Form and Color"

The special prize Euromaler was awarded to Waldemar Reifegerste, a graduate of the Baden painters' school in Lahr. For his topic “exhibition stands for a paint shop”, he developed techniques that were of high quality in terms of craftsmanship and design and thus convinced the jury.

The mix of experimental and traditional painting techniques was impressive in all the exams. The exhibition “Masters in Form and Color” offers visitors a source of inspiration and shows the variety of crafted surfaces.


Contact to the master schools:

Heinrich Hübsch School

Fritz-Erler-Strasse 7

76133 Karlsruhe


Baden painter's school

Ludwig-Frank-Strasse 15

77933 Lahr


Mosbach painting school

Schillerstrasse 4

74821 Mosbach


School of color and design

Leobener Strasse 97

70469 Stuttgart


Ferdinand von Steinbeis School

Egginger Weg 26

89077 Ulm


Kerschenstein School

Commercial school II

Charlottenstrasse 19th

72764 Reutlingen


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